2024 Bingo Reading Challenge ☑️ Starting in January

I have a couple of contenders. Probably from the same time period. :rofl:


For bad covers, this one is melting my brain:


Meanwhile I thought that cover was cute :joy:


@clam0618 and @Mizuki - if you want to save a link to your bingo card for quick reference later and track your bingos, the second post on this thread is a wiki where you can add it in with the edit function! :blush:


I finally remembered this thread while on a computer, so I could edit the wiki. I’m not sure what the link for the name is supposed to be, though. I put my Natively link for now :sweat_smile:


I put a link to the post in this thread with my bingo card, but :person_shrugging:


That makes sense. I think I put the explanations of the modifiers I will use in there too.


I sorted the list alphabetically and fixed my username link to also go to my post, to keep it consistent.


Thank you. I added it but I’ve done it wrong. I have no idea how to get the correct link, or what the 6 character thing is supposed to be :frowning: please help, someone :smiling_face_with_tear:

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You have to generate a card. Right now you are pointing to the preview.

When you are happy with the order of the boxes on the bingo card you selected, the link is on the bottom right corner:

Clicking on the six characters will copy the link to your clipboard making it like this:


Also I moved your entry on the table to be sorted alphabetically.


Thank you!! I think I’ve done it right now :grin: (please let me know if otherwise)

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Sounds fun héhéhé

Also, I made myself an extended one :face_in_clouds:


Count me in too - probably won’t exactly do any of the challenges though I’ll stick to counting only novels and light novels for this I think:


Adding a list here to keep track/plan

Something non-fiction
Random from 積読
Award-winning Book
Finished in a single day
積読'd Longest

This text will be hidden

Non-human protagonist

This text will be hidden

That can be read for free

This text will be hidden

Something with a bad cover

This one will be painful :pensive:

Author you have never read
Author's debut work
Higher Natively level than you've read
Book club pick
No reviews/gradings on Natively
That you added to Natively
Set in a workplace
Final book in a series

Obvious pick here is 月とライカと吸血姫 since I have one volume left. Holding out hope that they release the last audiobook. Alternative is 源氏物語


I’m planning to do the same, probably with the exception of “read a volume in a single day” which I would not know how to do with a novel :sweat_smile:


I was going to try to do a novel with this one :sweat_smile:
I feel like I would need to dedicate a day to it though and have all my meals preprepared so that I don’t lose any time.
I’m such a slow reader :laughing:
My goal for next year is to drastically increase my reading speed!


Maybe we can crowd source relatively short (<200 pages) and easy novels? Or just super fun ones of around that length, even if not necessarily the easiest.



I have a lot of projects I’m already working on, so I want to try to take this on as well while trying to overlap as much as possible. Due to my manga magazine project, I’ll be using mostly manga (I have one non-fiction book I’ve been meaning to read so thats going on the list!)

As you may have seen, I have one really weird square and no free space. Knowing that I am going to read a LOOOOTTTT of manga the next year already, I wanted to make the final square on my bingo board as difficult as possible. So, in order to get the final square finished, I have to do 14/21 of the TBR Selection Qualifier List. This way I can still get to Rank 4 in a reasonable way, but earning Rank 5 will be a huge challenge, doubling the total amount of books I have to read! Hopefully this won’t come to bite me in the ass later! Wish me luck!

Qualifier List Reproduced Here
  • Read the book you bought the earliest
  • Read the latest book you bought
  • Read the book published most recently
  • Read the book published earliest
  • Read the book with the shortest title
  • Read the book with the longest title
  • Read the book with the most colourful cover
  • Read the book with the simplest cover
  • Read a book with warm colours on the cover
  • Read a book with cool colours on the cover
  • Read the book with the darkest cover
  • Read the book with the lightest cover
  • Read a book by a male author
  • Read a book by a female author
  • Read the next book in a series you have started (if applicable)
  • Read a book that you don’t remember why you bought/what it’s about
  • Read the longest book in your pile
  • Read the shortest book in your pile
  • Read the easiest book in your pile
  • Read the hardest book in your pile
  • Start the book you hesitate to read the most

Oooh, I love that idea for a super hard 5th bingo! That’d a great idea for manga!

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ハンチバック | L29 is less than a 100 pages long.

推し、燃ゆ | L37 is less than 150 pages long. I read it in a single sitting-ish (I think I got distracted by real life stuff at some point, but went directly back to it).