Allow adding Satori Reader stories to Natively as graded readers

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Satori Reader is a paid website that hosts digital graded readers. It would be fantastic if we could request stories from there to be added here.

This has already been discussed starting here, but as far as I can see there wasn’t any request here yet.

The reasons why it would be beneficial are well described by meagstudies here. In short, the difficulty ratings on Satori Reader are pretty rough, and additionally it would be great for readers to compare the story difficulty to other works here on Natively. On top of that, being able to have reviews and to track your progress here all in one place with all your other reading would be fantastic!

I think it might not be too hard to allow because:

Trello link:

Approved. As mentioned in previous discussions, I gauge it as somewhat low priority compared to everything else, but would be nice!

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I had a Satori reader account and I went through about 12 or so of their series a few months ago.

I will grade and review everything I read, if the stories get added.

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