Audiovisual initial feedback and requests

The objective of this thread is for the initial feedback such as bugs encountered and requests to be discussed all in one place.

Shouldn’t all items currently have a (?) behind them?

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PRODUCT UPDATE : Audiovisual is here!!!

We’re excited to announce that Movies & TV shows are finally here!

You can now add movies and tv shows to your library, and we’ve added a bunch of movies and tv shows to the site already.

We’re still working on adding more, but we’re excited to have this feature live!

Most of the features you’re used to from books are also available for movies and tv shows, including:

  • Adding to your library & custom lists
  • Marking your incremental progress and stats tracking
  • Writing personal reviews
  • Grading difficulty
  • Days Watched tracking
  • Activity feed

Things generally operate similarly to books, but there are a few differences which we’ll describe below. If you have any feedback or immediate bugs, please send a message in this thread.

Where do I find Movies & TV Shows?

Simply to the video search page. You will also
notice the global search now allows you to select a search for books or videos.

You will also notice that we have genres(!) for movies and tv shows, which, along with all our other video data, comes from

Incremental Progress Marking

You can mark your progress on movies and tv shows in the same way you do for books, through your dashboard or in the item popup in your library. Movies work exactly the same as books, except ‘Current Page’ is replaced with ‘Current Minute’.

TV shows, on the other hand, are a bit different. Since TV shows are episodic, we have a few different ways you can mark your progress. If you’re watching the episodes sequentially, you can mark your current minute and episode, which will auto mark all episode up until that point as finished.

If you are not watching the episodes sequentially, or you skipped an episode, then you can go to the tv season page and mark the episodes you’ve watched. You can even specify the minutes you watched in each episode.

We really strived to make the TV season progress marking to be flexible for those who want to input all progress information, but still easy for those who care less about that. We still aren’t sure if we struck the right balance, so we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

Recording subtitle information

For all videos you’re watching, finished or stopped, we request that you tell us if you watched with Japanese subtitles or not. This is important to us for a variety of reasons, but the primary impact you’ll see is that you won’t be prompted to grade things with similar subtitle information. In other words, movies you watched without subtitles are only compared with other movies you watched without audio. We think the best difficulty comparisons are between like media with a similar experience

We also ask that you do not mark videos watched with English subtitles or dubs as ‘Watched’. Rather, we have a dedicated ‘English subs’ status which does not impact your stats or ask you to grade those videos.

We really want the videos you mark ‘Watched’ be videos where you engaged with Japanese.

In order to streamline subtitle information input, we allow you to set your ‘default subs’ settings in the quick add menu you see here.

These icons showcase subtitle informtion you’ve input. The loudspeaker icon is obviously audio only :slight_smile:

Difficulty Grading

As you might expect, the grading interface is exactly the same. A few notes:

  • You can only grade movies vs movies and tv vs tv
  • You can only compare items watched with similar subtitle settings (audio only vs audio only)
  • For the time being, you can grade video items up to 10 levels apart (standard is 5) and each item you can grade 10 times (standard is 6)

If you have any feedback on the difficulty grading (too few items?), let us know!

Requesting New Videos

You can also <a href={[‘add-resource’]}>request new videos. One of the amazing things is that you can search for video on TMDB right on Natively, request it and see it added immediately!

It may take an hour for all the episodes and seasons to be added for TV series, so please be somewhat patient. Also, please use responsibly :slight_smile:

Filtering out Video-related activities

Are you only a bookworm at heart? Well, if you don’t want to see video-related activities in your feed you can filter them out with the ‘books’ filter.

You can also set a default for that filter in your user preferences.

I’m super excited to be releasing this feature. As mentioned before, If you have any feedback or immediate bugs, please send a message here. However, i’m sure there is a lot feedback and iteration before audiovisual is truly as good as books. Please b

As for what’s coming up, I think it’s mostly fixing up things on audiovisual based on your feedback. I’d like to add an FAQs page, improve a few things about videos and maybe implement a configurable ‘favorites’ list.

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:


Yeah you’re right. Technically they’re not ‘temporary’ in the system (i need some non temporary things so the system can work), but you’re right, I’ll fix that up.

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I wish you could grade the individual seasons/arcs differently.
Especially for long-running shows like One Piece where the difficulty can move around as the show progresses


Well, I can configure certain series to be handled that way, just like I do with Harry Potter for books :slight_smile:

Do you think One Piece should be? I know that’s a very long running show…

Also welcome to the forums!

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Yeah I think it should be, considering the fact that it’s really long and the individual arcs can have a lot of variance in the vocabulary used etc


Is it normal that after adding a show, you can’t find it via the search function yet? Is it just going to take a while? :thinking:

EDIT: It’s there a couple minutes later, so I’m guessing the answer is yes :see_no_evil:

Ok, good to know. I usually try to get a few people’s input on that sort of decision, so I’ll see who marks it finished and try to see if others agree too.

In the future, I think it’d probably be better to simply grade seasons against each other only, rather than every individual item being graded against outside items. The latter probably introduces a lot more noise.

Sorry! I have to approve it before it appears in search. Perhaps I’ll get rid of that step…

I also just sped the tv series population, should only take less than 5 mins.

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Oh, that’s the thread where I should post instead, never mind :joy:

Here’s another problem!

I am watching the latest Pokemon series with my kids, so I thought, why not, let’s just add that.
One issue is that TMDB bundle ALL series together, which, sure, why not. It looks a bit ugly, but I don’t think anything can be done about it:

The problem, though, is that we only get the five seasons of the original series, and none from the other series (despite TMDB listing them up as well). (Edit: The reboot we are watching is listed as seasons 23-25)


That alt titles section :joy: :joy:

Yeah I’m not entirely sure what to do here (outside of limiting the size of the alt titles section shown…). We’re always going to have some issues when it comes how we slice things up.

I’m a bit confused though… are you saying there are other series which should be in this series? But for some reason aren’t?

At some point we can certainly start contributing to TMDB with regards to editing the data. Not sure how big of issue it’ll be.

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No, when I was checking it after it got added, only the first 5 seasons (i.e. the original run, I guess?) were listed. Now, all “seasons” are present. Maybe it was a timing thing?

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Go me. This thread is pinned and I still overlook it. :see_no_evil:

I deleted my request, so let’s put it here, where it belongs.

Contributors get listed below the cover/title when grading. ALL contributors, it seems. Which in case of books, is not so bad, but with movies and TV series that list can get rather long. Any chance of hiding that list behind a “more” button, or to just cut it off after X amount of characters? Otherwise I have to scroll quite a bit to reach the grading buttons.

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Ah, I see. Yeah I launched with a very conservative tmdb data scraper so scraping was taking a long time. I looked at the documentation again and they claim you can scrape as fast as you want, so I made it quite aggressive now.

Basically, the scraping of all the seasons & episodes should take no more than 5-7 minutes now.

Yeah, I’m tempted to get rid of them entirely when movies / tv shows are displayed as little widgets. You’d still be able to see the contributors on the movie / season page… but I think contributors are less important than book authors.

Regardless, will definitely remove for the grading display, agreed.



Removed contributors from all Movie & TV ‘items’, so this shouldn’t be an issue anymore :slight_smile:


For Audiovisuals only aggregate gradings can be viewed. When I click on individual gradings I get a blank page.

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