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I’ve mostly been reading manga lately, but I’m going to try to get through some more Tadoku graded readers. I’ve read 92/109 of Tadoku - Free (series) | L0-19??, so I want to finish the series, and I’ve got 5 volumes of Taishukan Japanese Readers (series) | L7-22 and Tadoku - Japanese Graded Readers (series) | L5-22 sitting on my bookshelf.

If one of my picks for the ライトノベル読書会 📚 Light Novel Book Club | Reading 本好き | Next 後宮の烏 wins, I’ll join that (though it will be a stretch considering my current level); if not, I’ll to start a book+audiobook (possibly Magic Tree House Book Club? 🏡). I want to build my Japanese reading habit and improve so I can start reading all my BL LNs (new book club idea!) :laughing: