📚 bibliothecary's bibliophilia 📚

I managed to read Japanese every day this week! :tada:

Here’s what I finished:

I picked up 絵本 おじさまと猫 ふくまるとしあわせの宇宙船 書籍 | L17 because I was hoping it would be a heartwarming story about ふくまる and パパ (just look at that adorable chibi おじさま on the cover); instead, it was a story about ふくまる meeting a couple of 宇宙猫… :confused:

Anyway, I’ve started https://learnnatively.com/book/599111c352/ (already read it in English) and I am ready to feel some feelings. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It doesn’t look like one of my picks is gonna win the ライトノベル読書会 📚 Light Novel Book Club | Reading 本好き | Next 後宮の烏 (what a tense battle :sweat_drops:) so I guess I’m gonna be reading Magic Treehouse along with the audiobook. I’ll wait till the poll’s officially over just in case :laughing: