Book Blurbs Discussion

I’ve been adding official English blurbs for all books I know have been translated. I’d say official translation blurbs are always preferrable to automatically translated blurbs, whether they match or not.

This looks great to me. When does the [needs review] message go? If for example I read the automatic translation and decide it’s adequate, do I edit to remove [needs review]?


Also Deepl does better translation since start of this month. The double sentences seem to be gone.

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Yeah, it’s just text, so to ‘approve’ it you simply remove the ‘DeepL Translation - needs review’


Hey all ~

So i’ve auto translated a number of things, so you’ll start to see those auto translations from DeepL. I’ve also found that Japanese is by far the cheapest to translate, as DeepL counts by character count, which makes Japanese cheap :joy:

I also added a ‘guidelines’ widget which will shows some general guidance.

There are a lot of series & books (especially older ones) that still don’t have any Japanese blurb so obviously there’s still no English auto-translated blurb.

I’m working on backfilling those now though :slight_smile:


Where can I find it? Never mind, found it. It’s a button that appears once you click to edit a blurb.