Book giveaway until 1 Sept

Since I will be moving next month, I have to bid farewell to my collection of Japanese books. There is no Book Off here for me to sell to, and the Japanese book market is almost non-existent. So instead of recycling them, I decided to give them away.

How to join
Reply to this thread and say you would like to join. By the end of the event (1 Sept), I will randomly select lucky participants. Each one of you could select either 10 books of your choice or the kindle paperwhite (that I am also giving away). You only have to pay for shipping fees.

Click here for Complete List

Title Author Natively Level
コンビニ人間 村田沙耶香 29
地球星人 村田沙耶香 31
カラフル 森 絵都 28
しあわせのねだん 角田光代 x
紙の月 角田光代 37
今、何してる? 角田光代 x
TVピープル 村上春樹 x
白いしるし 西加奈子 x
World End Economica 1 支倉凍砂 x
アナザー・ビート 佐原菜月 x
世界征服 至道流星 x
ハンドブック 政経の要点整理 大塚哲 x
要点はこれだ高校入試社会―地理・歴史・公民 文英堂 x

Great initiative.

Sadly, as I’m quite far from HK, it’s quite expensive for me to join. Maybe someone closer that has more decent shipping prices can join and profit from it.

Spoiler of prices

Even surface has a horrible pricing.

Good luck with the move!


True, they are the fastest and most expensive.

I will probably switch to SF express.

This is so nice of you!!
I would join if the shipping was about 30-40 US, but I think it’s like 90+ so I guess I won’t haha crys

Just to note for anyone looking at the doc Yui linked, those numbers are Hong Kong dollars, so make sure you’re converting. I’m not sure what the weight would be for the books; would it be possible for you to weigh them and report back @Yui so people can estimate shipping costs a little easier?


Since most look like bunko editions, I estimate around 2 kg (maybe less) for 10 books. Not sure how much the kindle weighs… not sure if they would be considered documents, but even if not, the shipping seems quite affordable (if you are not in certain parts of Europe like me… cries in Austrian)

(This is a very kind offer, though. :orange_heart:)


Thank you, I had no idea how to read that; I just tried googling “Honk Kong to US.”
Anyway, about 4-5 small books are normally 665g, so it looks like shipping in the US should be around 25-40, so…IM OPTING IN.

I’d like to join


Hi, this is a really kind offer
I am interested in joining this giveaway
Also I’m currently in HK so I hope it makes things easier


Glad to see the books are going to find a new home some way or the other!

That kindle is kinda appealing to me, as I have an older model (that I self-repaired recently), but sadly it’s a pain to import it from overseas.

@Yui Any reason why you are not taking that one with you?

I bought a used Android Ereader (Boox Nova Pro 7) and I can do other stuff like Anki, Yomichan, and vocabulary mining there so there’s no need to read Japanese books on my paperwhite.


I know this isn’t what this thread is about, but thanks for mentioning this! I’ve been thinking of getting a new eReader soon, thinking about a Kindle (for JMDict and proper vertical display, something I never managed with my eReader)… but sounds like I’d be much happier with an Android eReader! (Others seem to be happy too.)

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I went directly with a cheap android tablet (and use kiwi browser, ttu epub reader and yomichan on it) and am very happy with it. it’s not e-ink of course, but so far, my eyes don’t mind.


always on the look out for new books! i’d like to join, if that’s okay?

Sure, you’re free to join!

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Hi! I would like to try my luck on this. I currently live in Hong Kong as well.

Ooh this is so fun! I’d like to join as well if that’s alright; best of luck with your move and everything!

Hi, the books look interesting! I’d like to join as well if it is not too late.

Thank you to everyone for joining! I’ll update this post to include everyone who joined and reveal the first draw later.


I updated the complete book list for everyone who’s interested:

Final participants:

  • MonnieBiloney
  • Shrimpy
  • nyxqueenfoshadows
  • KisaragiAyami
  • natarin
  • Lou2s

First Draw:

Congratulations @Lou2s. Check your messages to send me your details.

As I will be moving soon, you need to reply before 6/9, otherwise I will draw a new member.



Let me take a good look of the list! Or should I choose the kindle🤔

Will get back to you soon! Thanks @Yui !