Book Providers Megathread (Official Management)

They actually just rejected me… but I have an idea now! So give me a quick second to adjust a few things…

Edit: It was again saying I ‘didn’t have the natively tracking tag in my links’. My new theory is that they might approve if I use their stupid link creator for the links, rather than just my natively tag. The link creator generates multiple other tags in the url which shows where exactly you’re coming from. Maybe they like that… even though they never specified that before or in their docs. :slight_smile:


Ugh so you will need to use their API to generate links instead of just append the tag?
But that’s exactly what the discourse plugin does right? I’m confused.


I’m just talking about for the approval process. They assume you are using their little widget to create the urls, not simply appending. After that we can do the tags … as that does track the sales.

Idk. They just keep saying in their email that I don’t have appropriate tags on my urls (even though the sales are being tracked) and they point me to use their special link creation widget. So trying it …

I’m very frustrated as this could be a huge blocker!


We can run an experiment if you want. DM me some crafted links with that tool and I’ll try in the following days.

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Nah, i’m just adding them myself. I’ll let you know when relife is done.


Guess I’m reading volumes 4-6 soon :rofl:

Here's an inspiring quote from Amazon themselves failing too


Ok, RE: Life should be good to go!



And done.
Now we pray weirdly shaped rocket man to approve.


Hopefully we succeed in all counts! I’ll let you know if these come through! :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiling_face:



(website and app, it seems volumes of manga might be restricted to the app)

  • What is required to use this provider? Local address? Local credit card? Local web address? Great question, I only used my email address as far as I remember, but you may need a Japanese ip adress. I haven’t tried buying anything either yet. Someone in a different country should test it out.
  • Budget rating (Free, $, $$$) There are many free chapters available for free free, free coins, and paid coins
  • [For Ebooks] How is the software? Is it easy to use? Text selectable? No selectable text, but it seems screenshots are allowed.
  • General notes? Pros / Cons? When searching, pay close attention to whether it’s listed as 話 or コミックス. コミックス are typically whole volumes only available for paid coins and go for the same price as the Kindle volumes. However, the 話 are often free free or free coins. Free coins are coins that you can get by reading, watching ads, completing surveys, etc. They’re really easy to accumulate. If a chapter costs free coins though, it might only be a rental chapter. Anyhow, it’s a great way to read for free and support the publisher.
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I can see previews of comics on the website from my non Japanese IP, but the app is not available in my region on Google Play.

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Just previews or are all chapters available to you?

Like does this link show 30 chapters or only a few? (you may need to click an expansion button in the middle of the listing)

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I have to keep hitting a red 次 button to go on but there are plenty of pages here. More than I would expect for a free preview on Bookwalker or the like (for a non free volume).

edit: oh I hit this:

I don’t have an account though so can’t test that part (and dont read enough manga to want to test that far)

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Ahhh, sorry, you may need to scroll down. I’ll try to grab screenshots

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I think you mean this? I need points to read the rest, I guess.

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Yeah, that’s what I meant. It looks the same as my screen then.

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A couple of questions about Google Play (using 대도시의 사랑법 | L25?? for examples).

Can the ‘where to find’ editing section be modified to autodetect whether the link added is an ebook or audiobook? The option to select disappears once the URL is added, but the info is included within the link itself.

The current stopgap isn’t particularly aesthetically pleasing. :upside_down_face:


There are auto-generated Yes24 links for the physical and ebooks, presumably because they’re linked on the Yes24 page. Would it be possible to have something similar for GP, since the ebook/audiobook are often linked?

Since Yes24 provides the ISBNs for the physical and ebook (when they’re linked), can they both be used when auto-generating links? I assume that’s why the GP ebook link wasn’t added automatically… :thinking:


It seems the amazon DE links have lost their reference.
I tend to use the link, because I know there is one for amazon DE but it’s now without any reference.
it used to be:


Edit: Had to buy some stuff for work. I used the second link, but not sure it counted. JFYI. :slight_smile: I wonder if the issue with the rejection is, because I don’t buy books. :melting_face:


Oh no! So i fixed that one. That’s correct however, it doesn’t auto apply the tag for non Amazon US & Amazon JP anymore… so let me know if you need another link. You can find all the links by doing a search too : search link

We didn’t get any successful purchases. If you have somethings you need to buy that are on the site, please send me the links and i’ll apply the tag :slight_smile:


What’s the status on the .es one? Did the new 3 purchases verify?

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