Bug: Editing an activity doesn't reflect the change on the Dashboard

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Yesterday (I think), I edited an activity because I realised that the page I stopped at was wrong.
Today I noticed that the changes had not reflected on the Dashboard at all.

Edited Activity: I changed stop page from 248 to 254.

The percentage should say 83%

Page number should say 254 instead of 248

The stats page is messed up and has conflicting info.

It says that the last page is 248 and the pages timed is 254, and because of that 102.4% pages I read are time.

Trello link: (leave in blank)

Yeah this is very unintuitive behavior I agree.

Basically, if you update a reading session I don’t automatically update your current page. I’m generally wary of updating things without the users acknowledgement, but I probably should have a toggle on the reading session edit form asking if you want to update your current page too.

To resolve your current issue, I recommend updating your current page to 254 via the ‘update’ popup on your dashboard. For the reading session generated, go to the activity, click the edit pencil and then click ‘delete reading session’.

But, let’s approve this request @Megumin. " Editing reading session should prompt current page change".

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Does that answer your questions / resolve your issues?

Sometimes I make an entry for something that I read the previous day, and then edit the date of that entry to the day that I actually read the stuff.
Does this edit go through, or is there a similar situation in that case?

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