Bug: No conversion while switching from Pages to Percent in "Update Reading Book"

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When you are updating your activity on a book, the default display shows Total Pages read till now.

When you switch from Pages to Percent however, there is no conversion and the number remains the same (or becomes 100 if no. of pages read were greater than 100).

Moreover, when you try to add to add a time for this range, the number isn’t even rounded to 100.

NB: Not part of the bug, but percentages can’t be inputted with decimal points either.

Trello link:

Approved. I agree the handling here could be improved. We just have to make sure the ‘magic’ adjustments make sense, but what you lay out I think is right.

I think I would already be happy if it would at least keep what I entered last, e.g. “56%”, instead of switching back to “page 230” every time. If I start entering percentages for a book, I’m not likely to suddenly switch to pages.