Can't find where to make lists anymore

Hi everyone, apologies if this is the wrong place, but I can’t seem to find where to add or make lists. I made one previously and it still shows in my books, but I can’t find how to edit it or add to it anymore. Did this change?


I was going to check on mobile, and I don’t see the add/edit option anywhere there. :thinking: Not sure about desktop.


Seems normal on desktop. In ‘My Books’ / ‘My Videos’ it’s under ‘custom’; you have to select the custom list before you can edit it.

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ETA: Just checked on mobile and I can’t figure out how to add or edit custom lists, only filter. :thinking:

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Oh, I see, thank you! I had my browser only filling half my screen so that whole UI element got hidden, it shows properly in fullscreen


The only way I’ve found to make a custom list on mobile is when you add a book to it, from the dropdown on the basic info screen. At the bottom there’s an option to create a new list