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It looks like I took 中級から上級にレベルアップ!手塚先生のプライベートレッスン. I just noticed mine says private lessons and the other one doesn’t - but unless I blanked on it I don’t see it saying group lesson? Also it still says 1:1 授業 so… :person_shrugging:

The course I took was explicitly self structured:


which is the sort of thing I tend to do, I’ve been burned a bit by over structured lessons in the past. She had what seemed to be slide decks for all kinds of situations and little quizzes, but I mostly ended up doing free talk and just having her correct my grammar or suggest more natural ways to say things. She seems like a very flexible teacher.


Thanks! I understand what you mean about overly structured lessons, which is why I’ve been wavering a bit. I do feel like it would be nice at this point to have some guidance on where to improve, but not if it’s too specific/doesn’t adapt to my actual skills right now. On the other hand, I often get a bit anxious when teachers just totally leave the topic up to me.

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I keep chucking books on my ‘next year’ pile and I’m going to forget them soon so here is a small list:

春琴抄 | L52?? with @bungakushoujo (doubles as my ‘highest level book’ for bingo)
みんな邪魔 | L30?? (probably as a profoundly weird book club pick)
家庭用安心坑夫 | L38 (cause @omk3 loved it)
母という呪縛 娘という牢獄 | L30?? (cause I was supposed to read it this year :see_no_evil: )
ハピネス (series) | L17 (for ‘last in a series’ bingo)
悪女刑事 (for my ‘bad cover’ bingo choice)
聖なる黒夜 (series) | L35?? (on recommendation from @bungakushoujo )

If I have told you I will read something ‘next year’ feel free to remind me :melting_face:


I started that… I think last year? I only got to 7% before I stopped again so I might join you for that!


whispers join us….

The cover of this is amazing haha


I have no idea when we’ll start it, but happy to make an informal thread and have joiners! :pray: I suspect given the leveling it won’t be a large enough club to need weekly posts :sweat_smile:

痴人の愛 wraps at the end of January so I’ll probably give myself a little 谷崎 break before jumping into a new one


30 hours of conversation in December challenge starts tomorrow. I have 9 hours booked for the first week :pray:

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