🥳 Children's Book Club 📚 Reading: ふしぎ駄菓子屋 銭天堂

Would this one be out because of the grading? Although it’s only one user that graded I think, so it’s not a very set in stone one.

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I overlooked the grading limit. Thanks for the reminder. :see_no_evil:

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Maybe the tsubasa bunko version is okay?

You linked to the non-tsubasa bunko on LN, so the rating might be lower on the other one.

LeNa doesn’t have separate entries for the tsubasa version though… and not sure that just furigana would lower a book by 4 levels. :thinking:

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Haruhi doesn’t have either, but I requested it to be added.

Some books have some re-wording to make it more accessible, but it varies by book.

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Title: 二分間の冒険
Available formats: physical / ebook / audiobook / partial furigana

Summary - Japanese


Summary - English

DeepL because I’m lazy:
Satoru is lured by a mysterious black cat and wanders out of his schoolyard into a world inhabited only by children. Soon, Satoru and his friends are battling the dragon that rules this world. In a series of unpredictable developments, the children search for "the most certain thing. This is an epic adventure drama.

Content Warnings

no idea.

Reason(s) for nominating: it’s been in my TBR forever so I’m hoping to find ways to promote this to myself lol


The level range is more of a guideline than a rule, since not all books have been graded (enough) to have an accurate Natively level. However the purpose of the club is to read easier material than the kinds of books being read in other book clubs, since quite a few people have mentioned being unable to participate due to the language difficulty being too high.

Ultimately I’m leaving it up to the individual’s discretion - if there’s a book you’re interested in that isn’t on Natively / has a temporary grading / is graded above L26, I’d suggest looking at a preview if there’s one available to gauge the language level. If it’s too difficult, it might be more suited to another book club.


Fair enough. Well then I’ll leave it up to anyone else if wants to nominate 鬼滅の刃.

Looks like there was only one user grading on it after all.

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I’m not a part of this club, but just wanted to say…

There are a lot of unrestricted level clubs going on right now. This (along with the beginner LN club) are really the only ones that have any sort of guideline around level. I was hoping that there would be some beginner clubs formed on Natively and I was excited this one was forming.

Like you say, I think a lot of people are unable to participate in other clubs, so I think it’d be ok to disallow books outside the level range unless there’s strong reason to think the current level isn’t accurate.

Feel free to ignore all this, but I couldn’t help but comment :sweat_smile:


just noticed this so using it too

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Taking chance that you are lurking in this thread

@brandon I think Haruhi book got refused back in the day, because there was the normal edition, and the editions handling is not in. Do you think there’s any chance to put that in, since some wording has been changed to lower the level and is not just adding furigana to it?

(I submitted a formal request, but not sure how that’s handled once it got a refusal)

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Title: 小説 金の国 水の国
Available formats: physical / ebook / full furigana

Summary - Japanese






Summary - English

Once upon a time, two countries who shared a border wouldn’t stop squabbling over petty issues. Their spats eventually escalated into war… over an incident involving dog poop. Finally, the gods declared that both nations had to call a truce. The most beautiful girl in the Gold Kingdom would marry the smartest man in the Water Kingdom, paving the way to a new era of peace! When Sarah, a princess from the Gold Kingdom, meets a charming man named Naranbayar from the Water Kingdom, they decide to do what it takes to stop more pointless conflict between their countries—by pretending to be in love. Will their plan work? And what if real romantic feelings blossom between them?

Content Warnings

no idea

Reason(s) for nominating: Really want to read this book, like prev nomination it’s also in my TBR lol



I requested the Haruhi book, but when it was added, I got added the non-tsubasa version.
And I’m unable to find the rewritten for middle schoolers version on Natively.


Is this a bug or it will remain all in the same link until editions are implemented?

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Is it rewritten or simply with furigana? Most tsubasa are simply furigana which is why we don’t normally add.

When editions drop, it will certainly clear this up a bit.

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From wikipedia:


So some words have been changed, is not a simple just add furigana.

I think I put this on notes when requesting the book, but I also might have forgotten.

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Ok, well can you send the amazon url as feedback on the current haruhi page?

Then the request will direct to me.

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Done, sorry for the extra work :sweat_smile:

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Title: 四つ子ぐらし 1 ひみつの姉妹生活、スタート! | L22
Available formats: physical / ebook / audiobook / full furigana

Summary - Japanese


顔も声もまったく同じ女の子、 一花ちゃん、二鳥ちゃん、四月ちゃん。
みんな同じで、みんな違う! キュートな姉妹生活、始まります!

Summary - English

I thought I was all alone… I was actually a quadruplet!

I’m Miyabi Mifu.
I’m a sixth grader and for 12 years… I thought I was all alone, with no parents or relatives!
One day, I found out that I was a quadruplet !!!!
Girls with exactly the same face and voice, Ichika, Nitori and April.
Each of us grew up alone in a different place, but now the four of us are going to live under one roof. However, life with only the four of us is very confusing!
And the differences in our upbringing have led to unexpected differences…?
They are all the same, but they are all different! The cute life of sisters is about to begin!

Reason(s) for nominating: First of all, the story sounds really cute! :heart_eyes: There’s also a lot that makes this a good choice for learners: it has full furigana (yay!); it’s the first of a 15-volume series (lots of material if you enjoy the first book); and audiobooks are available for the whole series!


I have been listening to those as they come out. The books are surprisingly not childish. They deal with some sad realities. It’s still for kids, don’t get me wrong, but some stuff really hit me in the feels.


I’ve read the first 15 volumes, and I very much enjoyed it. Lots of life lessons in this series. Highly recommended!