Grading from that book's page

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It would be nice to be able to grade a book from a book’s page (*).

Also, It might be nice to be able to grade a chosen book, regardless of being completely read or not.

This probably would be a proper way to grade a stopped book if I really want to grade that one.

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What do you mean here? There is a grading button on a book’s page; I don’t have any screenshots, since I don’t have any up for grading, but it’s the one normally in this circled area:

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By the logic, it’s possible to just stop and grade, then resume, even if like 10% stop.

Then, is there really a need to stop at all?

Ah, so you wanted the option to literally grade from a book’s page; I see now.

Anyway, since there is already a button (on finishing + stopped), and I don’t specifically want the button to stand out, or improve the UI; this one is already case closed.