Grading update improvements

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  • Fix upper level manga issues (expand acceptable range to grade against?)
  • Permanently figure out issues around deleted temporary gradings

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That sounds like a fairly important issue, considering the nature of the service. Why isn’t it generating any interest :sweat_smile:


I guess people are already satisfied with the grading system as it is? Either that or people would rather see new totally new features rather than the improvement of old ones. Considering that there is only so much Brandon can do, and already has big plans for big new features (Korean and audiovisual), maybe we should be paying more attention to building upon what’s already on the site. :thinking:


While general grading improvements I’d concur with you @Drinos, these are closer to bugs rather than improvements and discrete actionable items.

I agree with you @Naphthalene it probably warrants some priority :slight_smile:

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Adding a request to this thread as it is related to grading.
I think it’d be nice to have the option to limit grading to within its genre.

Manga vs Manga
Novel vs Novel

When I’m asked to compare and grade a manga versus a novel I always hesitate as they don’t seem as comparable.


I’d second this but it may be better to have an option to grade against similar types like individual stories/books agains compilations of stories/ graded readers as I’m also struggling to compare individual graded reader stories to compilations of graded reader stories since the compilations usually increase in difficulty so can mean some stories may be easier than the individual graded reader stories and others are much more difficult so I can’t grade them effectively.

I would like this feature too.
I have read a lot of manga, but I don’t want to mix it up with non-manga when grading.
Actually I would maybe even want it separated completely from non-manga.
I could always also create a manga only account… maybe that would actually be the easiest way lol