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I started reading ‘And then there were none’ today, since that seems to be all the rage nowadays (and also because, for all that I read a lot of mystery/crime/detective stories in Japanese, I haven’t read a lot of the western classics aside from Sherlock Holmes).

I don’t think it’ll take me longer than a week or two at the most but I realized that I don’t actually know how much time is left before the official start of 十角館の殺人.

Has that been mentioned somewhere or has it yet to be decided?


According to the OP of the Mystery Book Club, starting date is August 8. As far as I can see it’s not mentioned in this thread at all. We should probably add it.


Thanks! I actually checked that thread too but I must have skimmed too much. :see_no_evil:

That’s perfect. I’ll be traveling for work next week and may have to start slightly late anyway, but that should give me plenty of time to finish ‘And then there were none’.


Post has been updated to show the start date :white_check_mark:

I’m down for this, especially as the split is leaning towards a two week first thread. I will not make a ‘final call’ until polling closes, but the two options are quite similar to each other so I think overall it’s just a matter of preference as to how VROOM you wanna be towards the end of the book :joy:


So how are we dealing with the prologue + first chapter? Do we decide a cut-off point for the first week, or do we just make a two-week thread and everyone reads as far as they like? I tend to favour the latter. Accidental spoilers so early on shouldn’t be a big problem, and not splitting a chapter into two threads is just neater. What do you think?


I was planning on one thread, yep. I think it’d be confusing if I cut a two week reading assignment into two threads as it’d be unclear what to discuss where.



Week 1 + 2 thread is now open

And I need to get the reading done :sweat_smile:


Should we keep a prominent schedule with links to the discussion thread on the top post? I’m asking as I now have a link to this thread on the main book page :slight_smile:


Minor bug report for the new Natively book club tag on the main site:


The tag in the top left of the picture doesn’t show any text.


Home thread top post has been updated to now list the weekly threads as they open :pencil2:

Edit: Also thanks for doing this! How exciting to be the first tagged book club :sparkles:


Ooh, nice! Just thought I’d mention it actually links to post number 27, if you meant to link to the op.


Oh thank you! Fixed :slight_smile:

Oh good catch, fixed.

Oh great, much better! If you wanted to go a step further, you could get a little fancy like they do in the WK book club and make a table, like so (copied from シャドーハウス (Beginner Book Club) - Book Clubs - WaniKani Community):

Week Start Date Chapter Page Count
Wk 1 Jul 16th Ch 1 ケイトとエミリコ 12
Wk 2 Jul 23th Ch 2 壊れた人形は 13
Wk 3 Jul 30th Ch 3 説明書

Also, I think we could hide a lot of the past information (polls, chapter information) in a ‘details’ dropdown and make the top post more relevant to potential newcomers in the future.

I guess I keep adding on suggestions :joy::joy: if you prefer I can try take a crack at updating the top post… I’m mostly just inspired from that beginner book club thread, it presents the relevant information well :slight_smile:


I made the table but oh how I despise discourse tables. They’re such a pain. It feels like more formatting than is necessary.
I also put the majority of the content behind a detail drop down, but that did destroy the poll.

Feel free to edit the main post, formatting and visuals have never been my forte.


Looks good to me!! :grin: