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Okay, I’m going to call the first illustration my section 1 breakpoint; should be close enough. Who’s even who in the illustration? :rofl: I started looking closely at it and realized I couldn’t tell.

Anyway, I’m enjoying it so far! 平良 is a suitable lonely boy; he seems like a nice kid, feeling all that guilt over erasing the lilies. I’m curious how his and Kiyoi’s relationship will develop further. I like that we’re already getting introduced to 平良’s social anxiety coping methods.


I also stopped around the first illustration/the offset page 20 for the Korean edition (so just going off of vibes, I think we all read around the same amount lol).

I have to say, rereading this has been super fun so far!! Loved the intro of King Kiyoi and Hira being so transfixed on him that he forgot to introduce himself. Rereading the introduction to Hira and the psychological descriptions do a great job of setting his character up. His guilt towards his parents and loneliness are a little 切ない to read. :face_holding_back_tears: How will our two characters continue to interact?!


Loving it so far! :heart_eyes: Although I slightly wish I hadn’t seen the tv series first - I’m sure it will be helpful for following the story, but I didn’t find Hira’s portrayal very sympathetic, and it’s affecting my perception of “book Hira”. :melting_face:


I wouldn’t worry about that! The characters in the drama definitely are the same as the book in spirit, but the books go way deeper with character development. They take on a life of their own and you get attached to them quickly. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Even when they’re being weird and frustrating lol🤭


For the Korean readers here, where did you buy the book?

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I got mine from Books on Korea, I’ve done a writeup of them here:


I have the digital edition from RIDI books!


More questions/comments from me! Starting from the first illustration to when Hira gets invited to go stand in a karaoke line:

(As always, page numbers and percentages are sus)
p20/4%/right after ヒイくん gives his name:

[And then a few paragraphs after; this next sentence is referring to Kiyoi:]

I’m specifically wondering about that bolded part. I understand the general meaning of Hira not feeling like he and his classmates are on the same plane, so to speak, and then him saying the same about Kiyoi (though in a different way than Hira). But how is とは逆の意味 working here? Is it just saying that Kiyoi’s “time” also doesn’t intersect with their classmates, but in an opposite way (Referring to Kiyoi’s aloofness)? I guess the specific word choices here are what’s throwing me; literally is the author trying to say, “Kiyoi’s time didn’t intersect with our classmates for even a millisecond, opposite to what you would define my situation (of wishing to die) as.”?

p21/5%/Hira talking about the group of boys who’ve started to pick on him:


I’m doing okay following that up until the end: “They simply overwhelmed with their overbearing presences and voices. They were strongest in that place called school, where monkeys were just on the verge of becoming regular human beings.”

I’m not sure that’s quite right, though; what is それは referring to?

Immediate next sentences:


I’m having trouble understanding how these sentences connect to the last. Assuming I’m not too far off my translation of the ones before, this is how I’m reading the above: “Even if there wasn’t a clear reason (why they were picking on him?), as long as they thought (who? Hira?) didn’t fight back then (who?) would win. (Who? Hira?) was the opposite. Even without a reason, it was his loss if they thought it was okay to step on him. Overturning the thus-assembled school hierarchy was a Herculean task.”

As you can see I’m kind of disjointed in how to read this. I have the general idea, I think, and there are plenty of times I’d just skate on by with a partial understanding, but I’m trying to deepen my understanding a bit more with some of these. (It just takes forever to write up these posts. @.@

p.23/6%/Kiyoi suggests the monkeys go get some マック


Dunno if I’ve given enough context here; what the heck does だべ mean?

p.24/6%/Describing how Kiyoi is afforded special respect in the group due to his aloofness


I’m just straight up not sure what the bolded is talking about. :sweat_smile: I presume 意に染まない refers to not going against Kiyoi’s opinions/decisions, but I’m not sure how that works with 方向に物事が行きかけた.

p24/6%/A paragraph after the previous quote as the boys talk about their preference for boob size:


What the heck is that verb, haha? Looks like two words glued together + ちゃう, but I’m having trouble pulling them apart.

General comments:

  • I’m a bit amused Kiyoi’s “small head” has been described several times, like it’s a notable feature for Hira. (I guess it is?)

  • Hira in general gets surprisingly poetic with some of his descriptions.
  • I’m pretty sure he’s not your friend at this point, Hira. Someone forcefully taking your phone and putting their number in so you can call them after you saved their place in line for a few hours is still bullying. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m hoping this doesn’t turn into, like, a case of Stockholm Syndrome (or the bullying equivalent?) or anything.


I hope all of these help! :slightly_smiling_face: Disclaimer, I don’t know anything about translation so none of the explanations below are actual translations, just me explaining what’s being said. :salt:(Salt emoji for taking it with grains of salt)

Yup, that understanding is correct. It is 逆の意味で because they are on two opposite ends of the spectrum. Hira wants to die and feels like he’s an outsider and sees that Kiyoi is also an “outsider”, but for a different reason - he is the キラキラ prince of the class so it’s like he doesn’t even exist in the same temporality.

それは is referring to ナチュラルにでかい態度と声 and it’s saying those are the strongest [attributes] in a place like high school that is basically a meeting place for monkeys who are on the cusp of becoming humans (basically, teenagers who aren’t complete adults yet).

These sentences are more general. In an environment like school, if you give off the vibe that you shouldn’t be messed with you win. Then, Hira narrates that there are students like him existing on the other hand. If you give off the vibe that it’s ok to pick on or “step on” (as translated literally) you, then you lose. If you take that as a general truth of how high school works, the last sentence about overturning that hierarchy and the natural order of the animal kingdom makes sense.

だべ is 方言 and is like だよね、だろう, but I can’t remember where it’s from (maybe Hokkaido or Tohoku??? No clue lol)… I haven’t read that far yet this week so I can’t remember if the speaker there is mentioned being from a different region.

意に染まない = a figurative way to describe Kiyoi’s influence or opinion.
Basically, when something starts to head in a direction that Kiyoi didn’t or doesn’t yet have a say in, he can just make a remark about what he thinks and shut the whole thing down since no one can go against him.

It’s actually not completely a verb! つうか(というか、ていうか、often shortened to つうか) + ぽちゃっている (slang-y verb coming from the word ぽちゃ meaning chubby, ぽちゃる to be chubby)


Like, you lose because you’re seen as picking on the weak kid?

I don’t think they were, no. :thinking:

Aaaah, I see now. That makes a lot of sense; thanks!

Thank you for all the feedback! I really appreciate it!

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You lose because YOU are the weak one who gets picked on. :slightly_smiling_face: You win if you are the one who can do the picking on, haha.

I consulted google sensei and it is also part of the dialect in 茨城県 where I think they live iirc (either way, they’re close to Tokyo so that guy could just be from 茨城県). It’s used in tons of dialects though, most notably in Hokkaido it seems.

No problem!! Super happy to help. :blush:


Finished with this week! Read up to around page 40 in the Korean edition, which is slightly behind the Japanese story.

Oh Hira… on the one hand, I find it sweet how he is really attracted to the fact that Kiyoi is a strong-willed person who has what he lacks. On the other hand, why are you that happy about him being your “owner”?! :rofl: I guess he’s just into that, though. At the end of the section when he is missing Kiyoi during summer break and realizing he has feelings for him, it was very cute (in kind of a weird way since he is slightly poorly socialized and has a twisted view of normal relationships lol). Even though Kiyoi is technically bullying him/allowing others in the group to use him as a bread shuttle, he’s still kind of respectful about it by giving him money so it doesn’t feel sooo bad. Let’s just chalk the entire situation up to them being immature and incomplete teenagers and hope they move past it soon and start getting closer to each other. :joy:

I also wanted to mention, I forgot that Hira takes pictures of busy scenes and then photoshops out the people! He’s so weird, but I appreciate the way Nagira Yuu really develops his character so you understand where he is coming from and the way growing up with a stutter affected him. That way, even when he’s being a weirdo and talking about ducks you just kind of go along with it because you have insight into his situation.


It’s probably pretty obvious by this point, but I’ll be off schedule through probably the rest of December. Been taking a break from JP reading for a bit.


Same, the holiday season has been super busy – I’m going to try and catch up though!


I didn’t get to last weeks reading due to general busyness either - maybe we think about a break until January or so? What do you all think? :blush: @eefara @bibliothecary @Kalamari


Sounds good - shall we consider weeks 1&2 done, have a break and resume from week 3 the first or second week in January? :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds good to me! My preference would be the second week of January to allow for time to get settled into the year, but I’m flexible based on what we all want. :+1:t2:


Yeah, a hiatus sounds good – things should quiet down on my end as soon as the new year begins but I need to catch up with the main BL club too so maybe the 2nd might be better. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Happy Holidays and New Year everyone!


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You too!


Yes, sounds like a solid plan to me. Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!

@bibliothecary that snowman for the page number for the break period is really cute!