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黒子のバスケ (The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays.) is 藤巻ふじまき忠俊ただとし‘s debut work, a 30-volume high school boys’ basketball manga. It has a two-volume sequel EXTRA GAME as well as a 6-volume spinoff LN series ーReplaceー, written by 平林ひらばやし佐和子さわこ, and a 10-volume spinoff manga Replace PLUS, illustrated by 高橋たかはし一郎いちろう. It has also been adapted into an anime.

Anyone is welcome to join at any time, with any part of the series, and audiovisual is welcome as well even if this thread is “officially” for the manga and LNs. General spoiler courtesy applies.

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I’m not planning on starting this until tomorrow, but I decided to get the thread up today because why not. Also I’m already on my laptop and who knows if I’ll want to drag my lazy ass over to it tomorrow. It’s a pain making these on my phone with all the links and stuff.

When “read a volume or work in a single day” was chosen as an official prompt for the 2024 Bingo Reading Challenge, I decided I would try to read all of the main 黒バス series within January, because I can already read one volume of manga in a day since a long time ago (I think my record was 5, with ハイキュー!! toward the end of it) but I still haven’t reached a point where I can read a LN in a single day even with pushing and utterly exhausting myself (my record’s only like 120 pages), but you know what I still haven’t done yet? Finished a single manga series longer than like 4 volumes in a reasonable amount of time even when I already owned all volumes when I started.

黒バス has got 30 volumes (32 if I’m counting EXTRA GAME) and January’s got 31 days, so just looking at day vs volume count, that should absolutely be doable—assuming, of course, that I don’t get burned out on a single series, which was at least partially my problem with several of my other longer series. If I wanted to make this more of a challenge, I should have waited until February, but it was literally all I could do not to start it during December or even November, so. January it is staying.


I’ve been listening to some of the character songs, and it’s kind of wild to me how when I first listened to them (idk, 2016? 2015? or thereabouts), I could understand only tiny bits and pieces of what they were saying even looking at the lyrics, but now I can get at least the gist of it just listening.

Of course, I’ve been more or less “properly” studying the language for a little over two years now, whereas back then I knew kana and a handful of words & kanji and little else, but still. I wonder if that’ll ever start feeling any less wild to me, rediscovering a song that used to just be a song to me and suddenly knowing what it’s saying without having to look up a translation. It’s happened a couple times with ones I’d taught myself to sing phonetically while I was singing it, and that was disorienting, lemme tell ya, to realize as the line was coming out of my mouth that, “Oh, I know what this says now.” For it to suddenly be words when it used to just be sounds.

My listening comprehension’s still leagues behind my reading comprehension—and that’s still got leagues to go—but yeah. I guess it’s just that feeling of quantifiable progress, or something.


Well I read the first chapter (60 pages, as seems to be the norm for Jump) in 30 minutes, which bodes well for being able to read more than one volume in a day even early on. If I don’t get burned out on one series, maybe I can even read all the manga! That’s only 1.35 vol/day.

Though it also depends on energy. I probably shouldn’t stay up ‘til 2 a.m. playing NWN too many nights…

I forgot Kuroko can be as dramatic as the rest of them. He’s quiet and a wallflower, so he seems aloof and mature, but he’s not remotely shy and also he’s a dork. I adore him.

I’m so glad the NG集 wasn’t an anime-only thing! I loved the outtakes like they’re actors playing characters rather than the characters themselves, and I’m happy at least some chapters will have one at the end.

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lol Kuroko says he’s not good with jokes, but he will be sarcastic. “Look at these guns.” -has zero muscles-

Y’know, he kinda reads as autistic. I wonder if that’s why I was drawn to him. A good portion of my favorite characters seem to be autistic-coded…

Aww, I was looking forward to the “This is Japanese school lunchtime rush!” but Kagami just says, “これが日本の混雑ラッシュ…!!” Not even English at the top and then the Japanese translation at the bottom. I’m sad :​(

The scene’s still hilarious, though

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I wonder how canon these NG are. Because if Midorima actually named his frog figure Kerosuke and lucky cat Nyantarou, that would be adorable. Plus the implication that he’s emotionally attached to his lucky items and doesn’t merely see them as objects to maximize his luck? It’s good.

I wonder what he named the other ones…

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The Seirin vs Shuutoku matchup may be my favorite. I mean, I don’t remember the others that well since it’s been a while since I watched the anime, but I’m liking 対Midorima better than 対Kise at least lol. It’s exciting. Something about Midorima’s high-arcing threes and Takao’s Hawk Eye just appeals to me. Though, it could also just be that these two are quite possibly my favorite characters

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37th quarter

Oh my god, the only class Kagami’s passing is English. And he lived in the US for how many years and he still can’t get a 50?? I saw a fic the other day where Takao tutored Kagami in English, and I wondered why the hell he’d need a tutor when he’s fluent… But, well, it’s probably mainly proper written English and grammar rules and stuff, and just because you can speak it fine doesn’t mean you can do any of that (as a lot of native speakers prove when they try to write), especially since he’s an idiot…

Oh, yup, he can’t be fussed with all the minor/trivial things.

I wanna know what the hell he got a 0 in though. Math, maybe? Can’t see anything of it but the box with his grade in it, and that’s the only one of Kuroko’s that’s got the same box. So—

English - 41
History - 14
Bio - 9
? - 5 (I think that’s the one of Kuroko’s where all we can see is that his grade ends in a 7. Social Studies, maybe? That’s the only other subject I can think of. Oh, or Geography)
JLA - 3
Math - 0
Chemistry - ?

But yay, we finally meet Furihata! And Kawahara and Fukuda, but I don’t really care about them lol (actually, I vaguely remember Fukuda, but I don’t think I remember Kawahara at all…)

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I never noticed until now, when I nearly misread 桜井 as 桃井 when she wasn’t even in the scene, but the two people closest to Aomine currently are both a flowering tree + “well.” I wonder if that was intentional or coincidence.

But yay, my 謝りキノコ

And now I get confirmation that I was hearing right and he does say 羽虫 in his character song despite the lyrics I’d found clearly saying 弱虫, and of course it’s after I already put it on my phone. Ay.

I love how Shun gets his punniness from his mother

And now I’m imagining Hyuuga coming over to do homework or hang out together or whatever and Shun and Mama Idzuki tag-teaming and Hyuuga regretting all of his life choices

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50th quarter





Ah f*ck I was expecting it to appear exactly like the chapter title like all the ones before, but seeing it with おまえ as the furigana for 黒子 so it’s actually the series title is just.


That hit me harder than it would have if it were just “おまえのバスケ.”


52nd quarter

Oh yeah I forgot they had three straight losses in the 決勝リーグ. Ah man. But on the bright side, Kiyoshi’s making his appearance!! I love him

I could be at least a volume or two further along than vol 7 rn if I would stop freaking trying to (re)write a mayuaka fic when I don’t freaking remember them!! Or barely remember them, at any rate. Why didn’t I wait until I’d finished. I’m p sure I need to because spoilers. Or I at least need to read the majority of it. Also I have no idea if I just forgot (I wanna say that’s not likely bc that’s kind of a major change in Akashi, but it might be actually…) or if I started the original before I finished the anime, but I clearly didn’t touch it after that bc uhhh I used the wrong characterization for Akashi for this being set post–Winter Cup. Which is making this more difficult to write than it otherwise would be.

And clearly the solution is to just keep writing and hope for the best and also to read a few mayuaka fics instead of. y’know. continuing to read the source material until I get to the relevant chapters. Obviously.

I may be even more hopeless than Bakagami.

54th quarter

The song that Kiyoshi sings a part of is 日立の樹 (includes full lyrics, a video, and some background) (idk how to search by JASRAC ID, so I had to search by lyrics)

Also I feel like that is very much not how literally anyone else would give the kanji that spell his name lmao I love this weirdo

Since we got that panel focusing on Kagami’s necklace (with the bottom edge of a picture frame in it!) I wonder if that means we’ll be getting his backstory and meeting Himuro soon.

I guess Murasakibara would be soon anyway. I don’t know when exactly we’re meeting Akashi, but Murasakibara would have to be before him, and we just met Kiyoshi who’s a center like him.

lmao, Hyuuga, “It’s basically a blooper every time that guy opens his stupid mouth!”

google grammar suggestions suck (semi-related)


So you know what a bunkobon is well enough to not just have “no suggestions” or whatever, but you don’t know what one is well enough to know that it and a tankoubon very much are not the same thing. Okay then.

(Yeah this one isn’t grammar, but that’s my tag on tumblr for all its peabrained and/or just outright baffling suggestions. I like alliteration. Dragon Quest may or may not have been formative for me.)

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