Initial Thoughts on How to Implement Audiovisual (Movies, TV Series, Anime)

Right, I expect that to be the case for a lot of learners, both ways. I’m going to follow AniList’s model, where the libraries & search are totally separate.

As far as notifications from the forums go… go to your discourse profile → Preferences → Notifications and you can specify watching certain categories or muting certain categories (like Watching).

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Only request here would be for a global setting to disable/hide all Korean content. Maybe you need an onboarding process for new users to specify the languages they are learning (which can be later changed in settings) which impacts what content is shown.

Yes, I would recommend being careful not to do too much too quickly (or at all). If you do everything you probably won’t be able to do anything well.


Right, of course :slight_smile:

I 'm imagining a global toggle in the header which filters by the language everywhere (book search, activity feed, profile, discourse topic feeds). The only slight confusion would be on the profile description, but I think that’s ok toggled too. I’ll look to see how other sites handle the profile.

The korean & japanese discourse would be a separate categories as well… with the current categories as subcategories.

I think it will actually be quite straightforward to filter.

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Out of curiosity, what are the other languages you’re planning?

Moving this over to the casual natively discussion, as we continue to not talk about audiovisual here :joy:

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Would love to see reverse harem anime and aimed in general aimed towards girls and women so more of that kind of material gets public attention/awareness. :paw_prints:


Generally whatever you request will get added, so that’s something you can influence. :slight_smile:


Question for everyone. Right now, I am planning to have one difficulty grade per movie and one difficulty grade per season of tv series. Is that alright?

I’m not sure I need to lock in a tv series for one rating across multiple seasons (like I do for book series), but perhaps I should?

And for movie series (like the bourne trilogy or something)… it’s ok for each movie to be graded independently?

Let me know what you think!


It really depends on the media IMHO.

Some media like to swing from one topic to another, and one might have a difficulty that the other doesn’t.

For example, nagasarete airantou sometimes goes spiritual stuff, then the level rises than when they are just doing normal slice of life.

TL;DR, one rating for most series should be okay, but there should be exceptions.


I’m not the most experienced with watching, but from the three things I’ve watched multiple seasons of (Takagi-san, Yuru Yuri, Love Live) I’d say each season was roughly the same difficulty. Maybe Love Live season 2 was slightly more difficult than season 1, but probably not enough for me to rate it differently compared to other shows.

Is there a reason to expect anime/show seasons to vary more in difficulty than manga/book volumes?

I would guess that Anime and Manga would be almost always similar in difficulty since the lines from the Manga will most likely be borrowed and Manga contains mostly dialogue.

An Anime and Novel/Light Novel could have quite a difference though since only the dialogue will be borrowed from the Novel. The dialogue could be relatively simple between characters whereas the rest of the prose could be vocab rich, poetic etc

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I agree with what you’re saying, but that’s not what I meant. Brandon was saying that he was considering having separate difficulty gradings for each season of anime, even though each volume of a manga or book is graded as part of the series. So I was asking if he had something specific in mind that makes one season of anime vary greatly in difficulty from another, particularly something that doesn’t apply to reading. Because without some specific reason, it seems to me like TV series should also be graded as a whole, not per season.

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I see, I misinterpreted the last part of what you where saying in that post :sweat_smile:


I see. No, no particular reason except that I’d assume people spend much more time watching a season rather than an individual volume… so they might have a better impression on individual season difficulty. I wasn’t sure if I should think of a season similar to a LN multi novel arc… which some people have expressed to me may be a better unit of grading than either a book or series.

But, I probably should have the ability to lock the level at the series level, so I probably should just implement.

That’s actually really great context thank you! Will certainly keep that in mind.


I think it would depend on the person (e.g. their focus / skillset) and the exact medium. In terms of time it would take to finish something, for me it would probably be volume of manga < season of anime < volume of book, probably by significant margins on each. I don’t exactly track how long it takes me to read a volume of a manga (and obviously it would differ by series), but I did recently read nearly an entire volume of manga on my phone when reading in between sets at the gym… just to give an example of a volume I read on the faster side. :joy: A 12 episode season of anime would be about 5 hours of content. Let’s call it 6 hours for me when accounting for pausing to look things up. So if you were just referring to manga compared to anime, I would say your assumption is true at least for me. If we want to also compare to books, I can reference my kindle (in theory the “predicted” read time after I already finished the book should somewhat closely resemble how long it actually took me to read it). There’s 11 hours (276 pages, level 28), 17 hours (269 pages, level 35), and 26 hours (445 pages, level 31) to give three examples. Way more time than reading manga or watching a 12 episode season of anime. But again, I think it would depend on the person.

I’m not sure if any of that information is useful… but hopefully I didn’t just waste 20 minutes writing that. :joy:

I think it could be a bit difficult to curate that information. I believe AniList recently started separating their light novel entries by arc, but I don’t know how they go about getting that information. They require proof of some sort with content submissions, but I don’t know the details.

Just as a reminder, I believe for the exact reasons 胡蝶之夢 mentioned, it’s been suggested that in the initial seeding of the audiovisual database, you set the difficulty of an anime to be equal to its source, if the source is a manga and also on Natively.

Side note: It’s hard to @ people with kanji usernames :sweat_smile: