Level+1 Reading Challenge 📚📈

I’m planning to start 三体 | L30?? soon and I just read through the character list (+descriptions) at the start and oof do I see what you mean. Keeping track of character names is going to be an extra layer of complication here. I hadn’t even really thought of that tbh, just figured a book translated to Japanese from Chinese when I wanted to read it in English anyhow would be fun :sweat_smile:

As a note it also will more than likely not be a 30 level book once graded, but I’ve no idea yet how tricky or not it may be


Three body problem is amazing. I read the English version and I’m listening to the JP audiobook.

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I got so excited when you said there was a JP audiobook but the US audible only has 三体X and none of the other books :sob: Looks like it’s an Audible exclusive too, so can’t get it from other platforms. I hope they release it to the US market soon.
Luckily (?) my partner (who I’m supposed to read along with) has not been good about starting the book so I haven’t gotten far into it.

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This is such a great idea, and definitely something I would benefit from, given how little I budge from my comfort zone.
I’ve read from L19 to L37 (missing L21, L23 and L36) and I’ve just finished reading 店長がバカすぎて | L30 so I think I’m going to start from there. :smiley_cat:

Some of these have changed level since I read them, but I have chosen to keep them at the level they were at when I started or finished them.


I’ll join. I like challenges, and I like tracking things. :slight_smile:

italics for repeat levels


Since my last two books line up pretty well with this challenge, I might as well give it a go.
Also, not sure if it’s in the spirit of the challenge to back-fill levels with stuff I’ve already read that wasn’t in order, but from L23 onward I’ll try to keep it chronologically consistent.

Level Book Type Finished
19 よつばと! 1 | L18 Manga November 11 2022
20 耳をすませば | L20 Manga November 30 2022
21 のんのんびより (1) | L21 Manga November 22 2022
23 orange 1 | L23 Light Novel January 7 2023
24 日常の夏休み | L23 Light Novel January 25 2023
26 GJ部 1 | L26 Light Novel Current

That’s what I did too, I’ve been back-filling my challenge list the whole time I’ve been doing this challenge, and because of it I’m just now starting to do the actual Level + 1 in order

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I was so excited to find this thread! I’m a new Natively user and had just made my own list for a +1 challenge. Excited to have a place to follow along with others doing the same thing!
Sadly I typed up this whole post with the links and then it told me I couldn’t post more than 2 links yet as a new user :sob: I guess I’ll just put the titles for now and come back and put the links in later.

A surprising number of these have changed level already since I started the list like a week ago, but for now I’m just counting them anyway :sweat_smile: I marked their levels with an asterisk to show that they don’t match the current level rating. Maybe I’ll go back and fill in more gaps later. Also, I added カレーライス, so I’ll be the first to grade it.

Reading 容疑者Xの献身 in Japanese has been a personal goal for a long time after I fell in love with the movie, so it feels like a really motivating end target! I think I could technically get through it now if I wanted (I’ve started it before and made decent progress), but I think it will be so much more enjoyable to build up to it a bit more and be able to read it smoothly with less dictionary use. Once I get there I’ll have to form a new goal so I can add more books to the list!


Man, I hope Discourse is able to fix their links soon. Seeing posts like yours make me sad it’s still an issue, haha.

Oh I’m glad you mentioned something! That’s a bummer that it’s a Discourse-wide problem, but I was scratching my head trying to figure out why only two of the links were displaying correctly :sweat_smile: How long has that been going on?

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Hmm. Feels like a couple of weeks now, maybe? Maybe just a week or two? I’m honestly surprised that two of your links are showing up right, haha. I wonder why.

Well, I went and just manually added the hyperlinks with the book titles so it’s less of an eyesore now :joy:

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I’m pretty sure it’s on @brandon’s end. Other links render as text correctly.


oh gosh @meagstudies this is a really wonderful idea! i hope it’s not too late to add a home post and reading updates to this if the challenge was started last year (꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ) my goal book is level 35 so i think this is a perfect way to get there!


It’s absolutely not too late to start! This is the kind of challenge that you can start and end at any time, there’s no deadlines or anything. Looking forward to seeing your home post! :smiley:

All this activity in this thread lately reminds me I need to get started on an L27 book…


Out of curiosity, which links? The only links i’m seeing still render correctly are ones which I suspect have been cached. We got no bites on my discourse question, so i’m not sure.

I probably could take a look at the source code, see if I could figure out where that mechanism is… but the mechanism should just pulls from the page title, not too completed

Wikipedia for example: Japanese language - Wikipedia

Do you mean cached here on the forums or cached somewhere more broadly?


I also noticed what @seanblue mentioned the other day. I was linking things in one of the book club threads and it rendered perfectly: [寄稿] 電子と紙のどちらで買うのが作家さんのためになりますか?問題|此ノ木よしる|pixivFANBOX

I suspected no one has posted that exact link about book royalties for physical vs ebook here yet. :sweat_smile:


On the forums. Thanks for the link.

Well, I did find the api endpoint which calls an inline one boxer mechanism … which eventually calls a crawler that has a lot of logic. I tried moving my title tag higher on the html document as it seems like the crawler only takes the first 20k chars, but the one box is still coming back null.

I’ll try to see if there’s a better way to diagnose issues. But you’re right that one box doesn’t seem to be entirely broken, just for Natively. Thanks for those links @cat @seanblue