Make “owned” non-exclusive with wish list / reading / finished

One could always do away with the system. Maybe only have two mandatory lists in “Finished” and “Wishlist”, and allow users to create exclusive custom lists. Better yet, allow them to decide if books should be gradeable after being added to those custom lists and if they should be included in statistics. Then everyone could just organize the way they prefer.

Probably the most work intensive solution, but at least for me the one that would do away with all my issues with the current system :man_shrugging:

Only having Stopped as “Exclusive, gradeable, not included in stats” is probably my biggest annoyance with the current system because that’s exactly the kind of list I’d like to have for my audiobooks. (And one more for manga, actually)
I love natively for it’s stats and tracking, but personally I don’t want manga, audiobooks and books to be in the same Finished pile, nor do I want them all to show up in stats.

Other than that, I wish I could make custom lists exclusive because currently every title I have on my wishlist is also on a custom list. (Minor issue, it just isn’t pretty because every title is listed twice and I basically don’t ever look at my wishlist because it’s an unsorted mess :see_no_evil:)


I’d prefer “Finished” and “Currently Reading”, but as long as I can make my own exclusive lists, I could deal with that on my own. :smiley:

My goodreads exclusive lists, for example:


True, I forgot about “Reading” :see_no_evil:
Allowing a custom replacement for that one would possibly be a giant mess in terms of code anyways, since it’s integrated in other places like the front page.

I guess what I was intending to say is “Get rid of anything that isn’t strictly necessary and let the individual decide the rest.” Could always leave the default as is and just allow users to delete non-mandatory exclusive lists and create their own exclusive lists instead.


I also really like the idea of separating 活字 books from manga and audiobooks. Personally I don’t think the lists should handle that, because a book’s type is already associated with it and you can filter ‘read manga’ from ‘read novels,’ etc. Although as I say that, I realize audiobooks would still be an issue…

I guess to specifically state what I’d like to see, I want a way to separate audiobooks and manga out of my stats, to see the pie charts / time graphs for each type individually. That way I can see what my stats look like without 10+ 本好き audiobooks bloating my LN percentage :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: and preferably, I want to be able to set a default view for my stats page, to choose what other people see by default.


The use case issue for me was, because I didn’t understand how to use the workflow, I didn’t understand some behavior of the site, so I put a bunch of books in “Finished” (as in, they’re not on my radar and I’m done for now, but I’ll get back to it later), but then I suddenly had 1500+ pages ‘read’ in my stats, which ruined my stats and was really confusing for the moment.
I didn’t initially use “Owned” because I thought that was for books that I no longer own, after “Finished”. I thought the sequence was:
– Reading → Stopped (done reading) → Finished (remove from tracking) → Owned (no longer own)

Given all the comments I’ve read, I’d suggest the number of categories is probably fine. I also like the idea of keeping it simple (I almost want to reduce it by one category, by merging Stopped and Owned, but I think that might mess with the stats).
I think 1) an explainer and/or diagram would help a lot, and 2) rewording “Owned” would help too:
– Owned / Book Pile / Personal Library / Tsundoku (積読) ← or some combination of those
– Encourage users to create custom shelves to organize the Book Pile. Maybe provide examples in the explainer (queued, want to read, on-my-radar, etc).

p.s. I’ve never used bookmeter, and I never heard “tsundoku” before using this site.
I was really curious and did an informal email poll with my coworkers → out of some 20-25 people, 0 people have heard the term “tsundoku”, even though half of them have done this behavior. :slight_smile:

There are a lot of ideas in this thread and it’s a bit difficult to wrap up into actionable items :sweat_smile:

Basically what I’m hearing is that immediately actionable items are:

  • allowing list filters to be multi-selected (maybe should be it’s own trello ticket and create a new thread)
  • Add guidelines for states (maybe rename this thread? Although maybe not (see below))

Since this topic is frequently brought up, I’m somewhat reluctant to change the name. But I think the two tickets could be fruitful topics on their own.

@Megumin would it be best to make new threads for those tickets, but keep this one open for discussion? Maybe change this thread title to be prefaced with ‘[Discussion Only]’?

For the original proposal, I feel like this view of “owned” is more a user tag than a list. If a user wants to denote the items they actually own they could tag it as such, which I think is better than giving the owned list special behavior. I don’t know if a rename is still necessary (I don’t really care much), but just mentioning this in case it allows this proposal to be solved another way.

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I’ll give it a thought of how to sort the thread/discussion and create those two items you mentioned.