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I was trying to find the feedback button to comment about a problem on a specific drama, and it took me 5 or so minutes to find it. Maybe this is just a me problem, but I was thinking that it might be clearer if it had brighter colors, to differentiate it from the background. That, or some kind of icon that would indicate what it is, like an enveloppe, so our eyes don’t just go over it without noticing.
I feel like because the feedback button is placed between the providers, which are big, bright and colorful, and the episodes, it just ends up blending in with the background.

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you could probably do a ctrl + f / search for “Feedback”, to save yourself the time. But I feel like I’ve had the same issue once or twice… so I figured I’d throw in a vote

I think it might would be enough to left align the button. Since everything on this page is left aligned (especially things that take our attention visually, like the headlines), the eyes in this case naturally stick to the left side and through that miss the button. But of course, without user testing (incl. eye tracking) this is just a guess based on my experience as a UX Designer. :slight_smile:


I didn’t think of that, but since the button has “something not right? Let us know!” on it, looking for “feedback” wouldn’t have helped either. And really that isn’t anything I would’ve thought to search for without knowing it beforehand.

Which button do you mean? Is it not that one?


I’m confused, I’m pretty sure we’re talking about the same button but mine looks different? Or there’s another feedback button that I still haven’t found (in which case I’d like to know, what does this one do instead?).


The button appears to have different text for books vs TV shows, but I think it is the same functionality in both cases…