New Year, New Year's Resolution?

Do you have a Japanese language study and/or Japanese reading related new year’s resolutions for 2023?

I’d don’t think it’s a resolution per se, more of a wish, but I’d like to get through my backlog of Japanese novels on my shelf (30). I think it’ll be a win if I can get through half by the end of the year.


There is this thread here on 2023 goals:

I would love to clear out my unread shelf this year, but I have no confidence in myself. :< I’m going to get distracted with shiny new books, it always happens. I have a soft goal of 30 books (which feels pretty doable after having read 12 in about half a year last year), and the intent is to read as many backlogged ones as possible, but we’ll see, haha.




I’ve got the goal of finishing 40 manga volumes, 6 children’s books, and 1 novel. I’d also like to read a wider variety of content this year in general. Last year I only read from about 4 different series.

So far I’m completely on track, having already finished 3 volumes of manga and 1 children’s book this month. I’ll be happy to make the goal, but I think in the back of my mind I really want to blow it out the water entirely.

I’m also going to try to break into N3 level grammar studies this year. I’m currently working through N4 on Bunpro.

Like others I’m also trying to stay away from buying more things to read. I’ve already somewhat failed this, but that’s okay. :sweat_smile:


I would definitely recommend looking into joining a bookclub if that’s the case; they’re great for broadening the range of books you read, and if you keep up with them that’s an automatic +X number of books you can add to your total for the year! We’ve got our Mystery Book Club here, of course; if you feel the books we’ve read/will be reading feel a bit too high level for you at the moment, you could also try looking through the list of nominations for anything that might feel easier; I believe most, if not all, of the nominations should have a Natively link attacked.

Wanikani is also a huge gathering hub of book clubs, if you haven’t been there before. They’ve got a few more options over there as well geared for different learning levels, so I’d recommend checking them out.

Here or there, if you see a book club that interests you but is already over, feel free to read the book and post in the book club thread regardless! Quite a few people continue to haunt those threads and are usually more than happy to answer questions and the like!

(If you’re already familiar with all this, apologies! Maybe it might be useful for someone else, at least.)


Someone said to me recently that buying books and reading books are two different hobbies. It’s fine to give in to the book hauling.


I didn’t realise there was already a thread about this!!! I feel bad for missing it now.