Poll: Should we change the Natively Forums Font?

So I was perusing WaniKani and I forgot that I didn’t have the default font here. I guess I changed it to match the website? I was struck that it was a bit cleaner looking, so I figured I put this to a vote, as I never did originally. I included some photos below.

Should we change fonts?
  • No, keep the current font
  • Yes, switch to default Discourse font
  • I don’t care
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Discourse Default Font (Different)

Home Page (different)

Thread (different)

Current Font (No Change)

Home Page (current)

Thread (current)

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For me the current font somehow looks more legible, so I’d be happy to keep it here.
(But the difference is not huge, so if you decide to change it back, that’s no biggie either.)


I prefer the current font, but I don’t care, if we switch to the default font. :sweat_smile:


well, i’m going to call it. We’re keeping the font :smile:

Thanks for the feedback you all!