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I was under the impression that it was only one book, not many? :sweat_smile:

As for testing the process, it’s already being tested whenever a book in created heh. This would simply be adding a new csv process heh.

Generally I thought that most of these books that aren’t on amazon usually don’t have an ISBN and fall into two categories:

  1. they’re ‘free’ or an extra in some package and don’t have an ISBN
  2. they’re a webnovel or content created for learners (satori reader, tadoku… etc)

My impression was that #1 is quite rare and #2 can be a bit difficult to categorize and structure… the content can appear less like a book and more like a webpage. I’ve been hesitant to add #2 until I have a better approach to dealing with it than simply marking it a ‘book’.

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Thanks brandon, you solved all the problems I think. I can add episode lengths by hand if they are ever missing but I’ll know to watch out for them for currently airing shows.

Also, I don’t think any of the shows I watched need season splits, they’re just long :joy:

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There’s only one I want to add, yes, but @eefara mentioned adding a bunch.

You also have self published books (e.g. doujinshi). For instance, the author of 先生とそのお布団 | L28 mentioned publishing his spicier books on his own (since no reputable publisher wanted any of that :sweat_smile:) and selling them at the comiket. That’s how I learned that, despite the name, the comiket also has light novels (and now you know too).


This is me just spitballing. I track all my stuff on a spreadsheet so Natively being hyper accurate doesn’t matter as much to me.

  • Have a new category of ‘free read’ that is automatically excluded from search results? Opt in only so it doesn’t clog things. Or unsearchable entirely. If it’s not searchable it doesn’t necessarily need to be a book and I imagine combining the stats would get icky.

    • Also rename ‘Other’ because yes I still have a bee in my bonnet about that.
  • Let pages OR character count OR ‘units’ as their counter. Ie,

    • “Satori reader, that one story about the dude with heads in his apartment, 4 units”
      – Maybe let people rename the unit but idk how complicated that’d be to code
    • Questionable comiket dojin by the dude in 先生とそのお布団, 20/100 pages
    • VN of some kind, 5000 characters

Some of these wouldn’t have a known ‘end’ or final number such as the VN or a series still being published so an option to count up without a % or to calculate given a denominator would probably satisfy both crowds.


Doujinshi, like @Naphthalene mentioned, is a huge non-ISBN category. I’m also familiar with one publisher who is huge into publishing side stories for their main stories in everything from magazines to inserts to booklets, some of which can be 100+ pages (the books, not the stories). So an option to add non-ISBN/Amazon stuff would be awesome.


So yeah I think these are great ideas for Add a "blank book" to allow the user to track reading material not applicable to Natively but I think you’re also illustrating that this isn’t a super straightforward to add. There are quite a few things to consider. :slight_smile:

I do think that we should have a new content type for all these non-book formats like inserts or web comic. Anything that isn’t marked by chapters and pages should not be a book… should be something else. But I know that people do a lot of reading on these things so it’d be great to track. We just have to do it sensibly.

Doujinshi that are published in a more traditional book or things that do not have isbns but are a book could definitely be added as a ‘book’.

As a random aside… do we think a lot of users prefer character counts to pages? I wonder how useful it’d be to allow users to submit a character counts for books which could be used by for everyone. As long as they didn’t include a preface, they should be same across editions. Character count may become more of a thing as we add more item types, as it is cross format. Granted, I’m not in any hurry to add more item types… so hard to do well :sweat_smile:

btw what if you could add series rather than volumes to your reading wishlist? i know this is against the intent of a “wishlist” per se but i never only plan to read just volume 1 of something


Same, but I just add #1 and that’s enough for me really usually


so I think this is just too complicated for too little value, but what do you feel the benefits of having a series on your wish list rather than an item?

not really, if it’s hard to implement not really worth it

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I wonder if I am supposed to grade “stopped” books. I also find, barely read, stopped books, appearing in grading questions, and I really have to skip such grading questions.

An idea is, around more than 30% read might allow grading, or appearing in other book’s grading? Or perhaps, partially read books might be grading, but shouldn’t appear in comparison, unless graded?

Anyway, I don’t think grading questions appear on that book’s page directly.

Searching in Natively pushes to history on every character typed, so I have to press back so many times, to go back a real former page. Probably a solution is to use history.replaceState?

My Kiwi Browser on Android is also broken. Holding back button doesn’t show the history list.


Did something break the ‘stickiness’ of the book/watch selection tabs on dashboard? Feel like show updates are invading my feed again.

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Are you referring to this?
It’s working properly for me.

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I’m sorting from lowest to highest difficulty. :sweat_smile:


Apologies on the brief delay, my brother has been in town the past week :slight_smile:

Thanks for all this! Would you mind putting these in a Product Requests? It’d really help for tracking.

Not to my knowledge! Is it still not working for you? It should be tied to your account :confused:

hmm… i’ll have to look into that…

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re stickiness, it’s fixed itself, not sure if because i was jumping between browsers/machines or something, but it seems to be fine again. All good!

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If you have a larger library (>500 items), you may see some slowness right now on the initial load of your library. Thankfully, after that load, any filtering you do should be lightning quick.

Working to resolve the initial load issues today.


Is it just me or do the emoji in the recent forum topics not render correctly?

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Is it just me or did it used to display the actual names of the shows in the user profile?

The overview for watched series shows “Season 1” as name for most of them.


heh i guess so! They aren’t stored as true emojis, just text as you can see. I can see though if Discourse has a way to render it, good catch.

whoops! Fixed. I guess I broke that with the recent library update.