Profile page activity feed loads updates for the wrong language when multiple tabs are loaded in quick succession

As the title states, it’s possible to get the profile page activity feed to load the wrong language feed if you try to load two separate tabs with different languages.

I’m able to consistently reproduce the behaviour by opening the “viewing [Language]” drop down, middle-clicking to open another language in a new tab, then quickly clicking on a different language in the original tab. The new tab will load the page under the page routing of whatever language you clicked on, but will seemingly contain the activity info for whichever language was last requested (the one you click on in the original tab).

I’ve tested the behaviour across a few different user pages now, all of which do the same thing. I’m currently on Firefox, haven’t tested it on anything else.

Here’s a picture of the result:

I’ve had the same thing happen on Chrome


I noticed this before…

This has also happened to me a few times: Bug: New book added under wrong language when a different language open in another tab.

It’s not a huge issue at the moment, but the more languages are added and the more people with multiple languages on their profile, the more often it’ll happen. :sweat_drops: