✨ Save point! (against better judgement, meag studies more languages)

an t-ochtú lá is fiche bealtaine - 05.28

:sweat_smile: It’s been a while huh (exactly 3 months…) It’s all been Japanese, Japanese, Japanese

and also...

it’s no coincidence that my last update was the day before I got this game and my update today is a few days after beating it >_<

I ended up dropping my Irish class. But I did do a couple papers on Irish for my linguistics degree so in a way I did continue learning? I also listened to the first story in the Irish graded reader I have… and barely understood any of it (rip)

Man I really regret paying for HelloChinese. I really thought I’d be using the app more but I haven’t even touched Mandarin for months. Now I feel obligated to start studying it again bc I don’t want to waste the money, but I just don’t have any motivation. There’s other languages I’d rather acquire rn… but then later I’ll probably want to switch back to Mandarin!

Ok so. The plan for the next couple weeks:

1st short story chapter in graded reader - read it this time instead of listen
listen to it while reading
try playing Dicey Dungeons in Irish
Anki Reviews:

This week
Next week

see if I can get that motivation back somehow. Do HelloChinese reviews, listen to music, etc
retake notes from most recent lesson
refresh memory of grammar (more notes!)

This week
Next week

Obligatory post here so Discourse doesn’t think there’s a new comment every time I check a box :roll_eyes:


an deichiú lá meitheamh- 06.10

How my 2 week plan went:

ngl I did a lot of this yesterday. I kinda got motivation back for Mandarin, but only somewhat. Guess that’s to be expected, I only really got back into it yesterday. I did really well with my vocab reviews on HelloChinese but terribly with the grammar reviews.

Read through the first short story chapter in my Irish graded reader, it wasn’t all that interesting tbh but it was easy to understand.

Dicey Dungeons was surprisingly easy to play in Irish, even without using a dictionary! I haven’t even played that much in English so I’m not relying too much on previous knowledge of the game. I’m learning all sorts of things like video game terminology, verbs for status effects like burn/freeze/etc, words for rolling/rerolling dice, and numerical terms (odd/even numbers). Definitely don’t understand most of the dialogue w/o a dictionary though.

This game is balanced well from an L2 perspective: you need to understand a bit of the language to do well in the game since you need to know what your attacks will do, but you can pick up a lot of the language as you go, and you can choose whether you want to try and translate dialogue but it’s not required

don’t have any specific goals for the next few weeks other than anki/hellochinese