Shirokuma Café older edition questions

So I’ve owned two しろくまカフェ (series) | L19 books for quite a few years now, but haven’t actually read them yet. I’ve decided to finally read them, but it’s come to my attention that the version I have is apparently an older edition that doesn’t line up with the new edition. According to the WK book club some chapters got moved around with the newer edition of the series, which is what is on Natively. For example, there are chapters from the original Volume 2 in the new Volume 1.

These are the ones I own:

Volume 1


So I have a few questions:

  1. After doing some googling it seems that the green book (メロン味) is Volume 4 of the older edition, just want to make sure this is correct (I’m basing this on pictures of the books in a row, but there’s no actual number on the book as far as I can tell)
  2. If メロン味 is Volume 4, is it still okay to read right after Volume 1? I know this is a pretty episodic series so I figure it’s fine, but you never know.
  3. How should I deal with the differences between versions? For example, if I read the green book, how should I mark my progress? Do I just go to volume 3 (or 2, or 4, idk how each edition is split up) and say I read 162 pages?
  4. Along those lines, if I finish my version of Volume 1, should I still mark しろくまカフェbis 1 | L19 as complete even though there’s apparently more chapters in the version on Natively?


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I haven’t read the series, so I can’t answer those questions, but at least I can answer this one. That depends on you, actually. I think the default policy is to try to match as much as possible the content you read, but I will usually match the number of volumes I have read instead.
At the end of the day, the tracking is for yourself, you should pick what makes the most sense to you.


Yes I agree with @Naphthalene. I’ve read the first one of the new series and I can’t imagine it’s an issue reading them out of order, they’re very episodic. Could read the chapters out of order if I remember correctly.


Ok, I’ll go ahead and read both then!

Ok, that makes sense! When I read them I’ll probably just say I read 2 volumes (maybe mark Volumes 1 and 4)

True, I guess I was mostly thinking for anyone looking at my library, but it doesn’t really matter other than “I read 2 Shirokuma books,” especially for an episodic series like this. But yeah I guess tracking’s really just for myself

Thank you both for the help!