Starting in the Middle

Does anyone else occasionally start in the middle of a book? If so, how do you log it? I just finished the latest 鬼滅の刃 season, which ends in the middle of the manga, and don’t really feel like reading the parts I already watched.

So I’m debating whether to:

  1. Simply have the session data indicate that I read from 84 to the end, but mark it as Stopped
  2. Change the (internal) page count to be 108 pgs (192 -84), and then mark it as Complete, when done.
  3. Finish the remaining portion, and then go read p1-83 for the sake of completion

Leaning towards option 1 and I’ll just have to put up with not being able to mark it as Completed. I’m assuming the pages read get counted in Stats either way? Can anyone confirm that? Curious to hear what others do


Well there are a few ways to approach this…

Method 1
If you want to keep track of your reading sessions and you care that the page numbers on your sessions are accurate, then i’d recommend:

  • start the book at page 84, use the data manager to delete the reading session generated
  • log your progress as you read
  • after you finish, update your ‘current page’ to 108.

However, while you’re reading the book, your stats would show those extra 84 pages as read. Once you mark the book finished and change back the current page, then the stats would be correct.

Method 2
If you don’t care about the reading session page numbers, just start from page 0 and mark the book finished at page 108.

Either way, I’d include a private note on the book explaining the current situation :slight_smile:


There’s the step that never occurred to me. I didn’t realize you could do that!

I still feel conflicted on principle, about whether or not it’s okay/honest to mark it as Completed, rather than Stopped. But either way your suggestion solves the technical problem for me. Thx!!


You’re just talking about one volume here, right? I’d really recommend just reading the whole volume that the season ended in the middle of instead of starting from the middle of a volume. It’s not uncommon for anime adaptions to skip or reorder things, so reading the whole volume is a good way to make sure they didn’t skip something important. Not to mention, fantasy series like this tend to have a lot of specialized terms, so getting introduced to them with a few chapters where you already know the story from the anime isn’t a bad idea either.


Yeah, I think you’re right. I often have a hard time motivating myself, if something feels redundant, but I think I’ll manage.

Kimetsu is a pretty straightforward adaptation afaik, but even in what I did read, I noticed there were a few smaller things they omitted. Anyway, guess I’ll make that my project for the night, before I hop around the LNs.

Thx for the recommendation.


Personally I would just do both. It’s not gonna kill you to read a whole volume of manga… unless someone is threatening you… blink twice if you need help!


Yeah, that’s what I ended up doing in the end, and then consolidated all the sessions into a single one, since it was all on the same day anyway (and I wasn’t tracking reading time). Thx for the suggestion!