Tools you use to record language learning activities outside Natively?

So i’ve been trying to get more serious about my listening studies, which has led me to start using Toggl Track: Time Tracking Software for Any Workflow for keeping track of how long I listen.

Perhaps one day i’ll be able to get that incorporated in the website, but it got me thinking… what tools do you use for tracking your language learning outside of Natively? A simple spreadsheet? Your podcast app? Kindle? A habit tracker app?

Let us know!


I use an app called “Strides” to track my listening in particular.

You can set a numerical goal that you want to accomplish by a certain date, then it breaks down how much you need to do everyday and has graphs to show if you are on track or not. Pretty cool! :smile:

5 months of Korean listening history! :slightly_smiling_face: (goal currently reflects 0 since I hit my goal! But it will auto adjust based on how much is left)


Back when I was using flash card apps like anki or WK, I used those to keep track of the words I was learning. I liked Floflo (now koohi I think) since it allowed me to see how many % of a book’s words I already knew.
But I’m not using any of those anymore.

I am using bookmeter to keep track of 活字 books I read since it handles rereads, but that’s about it.


You hit 300 hrs in 5 months?!? Wow, you rocked it! That’s 2hrs a day!


I used Toggl for a while, but found it a bit inconvenient to have to remember to start the timer whenever I was doing anything language-related (bad memory :sweat_smile:), and I also don’t really like the feeling of being timed as I’m doing something… :musical_note: Under pressure! :musical_note:

I prefer Natively’s method - if the choice of media expands to listening, it would be nice to log podcast episodes and have stats for those (number of eps x average ep length) and audiobooks to get an idea of hours listened.

Someone made a script to send anki stats to Toggl, which I did like… One day, Natively? :eyes:

I will never time myself reading, though. Never ever! :rofl:


Noo I started at around 190 hours in May around :see_no_evil: so it was around 45 mins a day, which is more doable than you’d think


I see haha. Yeah i’ve been doing an hour a day for the past week or two, and with active listening it’s tiring!


I use to track my Japanese reading just at an individual book level. This kind of now overlaps with Natively, but I’ve been using it a lot longer. It does have a few features Natively doesn’t, notably automatable download of data in csv format, so I have backups in case the service ever goes away. I think the bookshelf view of a grid of covers also works better as an at-a-glance view than the vertical list you get from Natively’s “my books” page.

I’ve never tried to track my manga reading, but these days I hardly read any anyway.

I occasionally do page-level recording for when I’m doing one of their contests, but I haven’t done that since last year.


I am using a discord bot to log various language activities.

It gives me these kind of stats for various time frames:

Alltime Achievements:

and monthly leaderboards for the various types of logs and overall points:

and I can download all my loggings as a csv file.


I wish every site had this. GR and storygraph both offer it. I miss it on bookmeter and natively. :face_holding_back_tears:


I’m using google sheets to log how much of a book I’ve mined for flashcards. Pretty basic stuff.


I just have a spreadsheet as well, though it’s been neglected since finding this website, lol.


I use a self-coded PHP/SQLite website.

Before that, I used a Google Forms that dumped the data in a Excel Sheet.

While I doubt I’ll switch tracking methods at this point (1000+ days recorded already), what’s the bot name?


but it’s part of a channel and I think the logging stuff might have been “programmed” especially for that channel. I am not sure it’s default to the bot. At least, there is a person who is fixing the bot scripts when they break. :face_in_clouds:

actually, it seems the scripts are public: GitHub - themoeway/immersion-bot: TMW's immersion bot

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I coded myself a bot, inspired in the one from tmw, for the discord server where I usually participate. I have logged everything since the beginning of my japanese journey so it’s pretty nice.

I am also currently coding a self-hosted manga library with mokuro support so that I can know how many characters a volume has and some other data like reading speed and so.

Also anilist :joy:


Same story here, haha. I occasionally look back through my Natively log to update may spreadsheet now


Also I’m thinking of retiring this method once I wrap my current targets because it turns out intensive mining isn’t working out well with my patience level (none)


Sometimes I go crazy with mining and end up with a pretty big backlog, but when that happens I just tone down how frequently I mine stuff for a while until I take care of the existing new cards. Yesterday I racked up about 30 new words reading Medium, so today I only bothered mining ~5(I still had to look up a ton, of course). It’s pretty refreshing to just check the definition real quick and then keep it moving, sometimes you even pick up repeated words passively w/o really trying, just because you keep running into it. I figure even if I don’t mine everything new all the time, if it truly is important, it will certainly show up in the future as well at some point, in the book or otherwise.
There are also some series that I have mentally designated as things I’m not really gonna bother mining at all, though I typically reserve that for TV shows.


Yes, I’m trying to go into more directed frequency mining (ie words I see more than once, especially within a given work, but also just more generally). I was just thinking I was mining a few of those four-word-set-phrases things the other day and I was like, what am I doing, this is like learning ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’ before learning the word ‘prison’ or something lol.

It’s all progress I guess


I just write everything I did regarding japanese in my notebook. Using some apps would probably just drive me crazy.

In the past I tried doing a study plan but could never manage to follow it. Things like that just don’t work for me.

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