Wanikani book club links

What do people think should be the standard for Wanikani book club links for ongoing volumes in a series? At the moment it’s quite varied.

If there is a Wanikani book club for later volumes, should each volume’s entry on Natively have its own link? Presumably Brandon has to add each link manually in response to a request on the “Have feedback? Let us know” button.

At the moment some do (e.g. よつばと! (series) | L17) and some don’t (e.g. ハピネス (series) | L16)

If we should have a link for each volume, should the link connect to that volume’s individual thread, or to the home thread for the series? Again it varies at present.

Not all bookclubs that read volume one go on to read the later volumes, plus some book clubs are still in progress, so I think it would be nice to show on Natively which volumes have a bookclub.

Related point - is there a reason why Wanikani is written with a small letter on the book club links? I think it brands itself as WaniKani.


I’ve been wondering about this too b/c I just noticed recently the club I run only has it marked for the first volume, but I wasn’t sure if I should submit feedback about it since it’s not consistent across the site… I’ve been unsure whether just the first volume is supposed to be marked or all volumes we’ve read.

I’d definitely prefer it to show all the volumes we’ve read, the only problem is, like you pointed out, the fact that each volume has to be manually updated.

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It’s all manual. I remember there was a discussion about it in the old Natively thread on the WK forum. I guess there’s no other way for now than using feedbacks :person_shrugging:


I guess I was just unsure whether I should submit feedback bc a lot of book club series only had the first book marked (I didn’t know what the standard should be). But if all volumes are supposed to be linked, I’ll go ahead and submit feedback about it :smiley:


I found the old discussion on the WaniKani forums, scattered across this long thread about Natively.

It confirmed the request process was manual via a feedback request on the book’s Natively page.

I didn’t see any discussion about adding the link to each volume, but from the two people who have replied to this thread it sounds like others agree it makes sense to manually request a bookclub link for each volume that has been read.

I note there was also a discussion about which type of bookclubs should be given the WaniKani bookclub link. The suggestion was that all scheduled bookclub discussions should, and that non scheduled book club discussions generally shouldn’t as they often have little discussion to justify linking them (but there were some exceptions that have a lot more discussion or a vocab sheet).

I hadn’t spotted there was a handy search filter that allows you to search only for books that have a WaniKani bookclub like this.