Webcomics, Web Novels, Fan Comics, Fanfics and etc wiki thread - "Things I can't add on natively"

A thread to share webcomics, webtoons, and etc that can’t be added as natively entries

You’ll find a bunch of things from pixiv, twitter, GANMA and more

Sites you can find free stuff to read in


Really recommend to look for things you like since majority here are free to read! (some if/until they get publications and some for always)
Plus, maybe you’ll find a gem before it gets popular :wink:

Editing the wiki status

Edit: Turned “suggested by” into “additional tags”, which I think is a good idea since not only can I add the sub-categories, but I also have a place to add “content warnings” or even things I didn’t consider before (for example, maybe event-limited merchandise will turn into something else like “other” and then the “Event Limited” can be a tag)

My current plan of categories are:
Web comics, Web Novels, Fan Comics (should I include fanart? since on pixiv they tend to put short comics in some of their " まとめ" entries for example), Fanfics, Event-limited books, Bonus content (pretty much the ‘official version’ of fanart made by the creators, will probably mostly be twitter with some pixiv)

sub-categories for each one:
Serialized (for example 最強勇者パーティーは愛が知りたい that has bi-weekly updates - even if “self serialized” I will probably put them here?), One shot, Shorts? (for example web comics have these very short ‘initial idea’ like comics, 噛ませ犬たるオブリージュ is such one, should I combine with oneshots?),

Maybe I should consider making an “index url” here and have the actual indexes seperate :thinking:
like a url to the comment with the fan comics index, and etc
might be something I will need if the index list gets too big later on

Need to update webcomics that got a publication and are now limited by now, things that are “bonus content” (might put in “other” like event limited books)

will implement sub-categories later on, also need to rethink the platform column

I’m a dumbass, genres, I can add genre tags for stuff lmao, like really basic things like seien, bl, romance, etc

Fan Comics:

Name + link Platform Post Additional tags
黒鉄の魚影ネタ Detective Conan dj twitter link @shablul, Doujinshi
DIOの奇妙なサラリーマン Jojo dj 1 2 twitter link @shablul, Doujinshi
よくない Attack On Titan Dj twitter link @Pashmina, Doujinshi
DbDまとめ by エイリゾ pixiv link @shablul, Shorts
9 - a creator with a bunch of 遊⭐戯⭐王 short fan comics and fan art pixiv link @shablul, Shorts, Doujinshi, Artist, Fan Art

Fan Fics:

none yet

Bonus Content:

Name + link Platform Post Additional tags
ポン太がヒトになりまして。 twitter link @shablul

Event-limited books:

Name + link Platform Post Additional tags
ゆるキャン△ 13.5 Event-limited book link @megumin
君と雨上がりを Event-limited book / Webnovel link @megumin

Web Novels:

Name + link Platform Post Additional tags
レモン味のラムネ kakuyomu link @shablul
前略、自殺した君へ。 kakuyomu link @shablul
私の夫は冷蔵庫に眠っている エブリスタ link @shablul (but technically a very well known story in the forum)

Web Comics:

Name + link Platform Post Additional tags
友達できるカナ!? pixiv link @shablul
噛ませ犬たるオブリージュ pixiv link @shablul, Short
神様皆様お粗末様 GANMA link @shablul, One Shot
自称彼女の後輩が言い寄ってくる - 満点べえ comic-days link @shablul, One Shot
一軍女子が冬でもミニスカ余裕な理由 pixiv link @shablul
恋愛漫画(仮)(has natively link now) was published link @shablul
真・浦島太郎伝説 twitter link @Athakaspen
夫の心の声が聞こえるようになった twitter link @shablul
女性苦手なアラサーモブ社会人の俺にイケメンすぎる彼女ができました twitter link @shablul
カッコいい女の子と12センチの約束 1 2 GANMA(1) and twitter(2) link @shablul
オヤジが美少女になってた話 twitter link @shablul
弱虫勇者と魔物の旅 twitter link @shablul
化物爆弾コミュニケーション pixiv link @shablul, One Shot
狐の杞憂と取り立て狸 pixiv link @shablul, One Shot
はむはむづくし (has natively link now) was published link @shablul
死ねない高校生が殺人学校に入学する話 twitter link @shablul
魔女と坊やの取引※千年後に結婚する2人 twitter link @shablul
配達先の怖すぎるお姉さんと深夜に会う話 pixiv link @shablul
リザードマン♀と二人三脚する体育祭 twitter link @shablul
魔法使いの弟子 twitter link @shablul
最強勇者パーティーは愛が知りたい GANMA link @shablul
ストーカーがストーカーされてる話 pixiv link @shablul
20年で色々変わっちゃったヒーローと少年 GANMA link @shablul
ズキュン×バキュン GANMA link @shablul
隣の花は美しい GANMA link @shablul
オオカミ男とのらいぬ男(has natively link now) was published link @shablul
寺の隣に鬼が棲む pixiv link @shablul
みなと商事コインランドリー(was only temporarily free) was published link @shablul
恋か病か (has natively link now) was published [link]
(Webcomics, Web Novels, Fan Comics, Fanfics and etc wiki thread - "Things I can't add on natively" - #31 by shablul) @shablul
マイ・クレイジー・ボーイフレンド pixiv link @shablul
悪人面したB級冒険者 主人公とその幼馴染たちのパパになる comic-walker link @shablul
片白の医端者(has natively link now) was published link @shablul
僕だけを見てくれ GANMA link @shablul
〜デスゲームかと思ったらピュアだったよの略〜1 2 […] twitter link @shablul
推しとの百合はありえない! (has natively link now) was published link @shablul
溺愛コンプレックス pixiv link @shablul
星の謳歌(has natively link now) was published link @shablul

Kagemori Takafumi is a high schooler with no human friends, but he’s not lonely since he’s very friendly with the animals around the school. To his misfortune, his annoying classmate Mokurenji Shinichi has decided to make him his friend.

This is really cute and when you look over the authors page they created more content for this pair. You can also read by order through the link below the comics


An idea pitch on pixiv, I really liked it! Hope it gets expanded!!

also found another comic by this author thats a full blown one-shot/chapter and intend to read

another part for the idea pitch! it’s cute!!!

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based on a oneshot that you can read from twitter https://twitter.com/saikyopartylove/status/1693163894137929953

I absolutely adore where this manga is going so far.
Each time I think it’s falling into some typical Japanese Humor trope but gets re-surprised on how it becomes a parody/criticism on it. I honestly recommend this series from my heart and would love others to read it!

The wizard of the Hero Party, Itsuka, wants to be popular and hears that if he gets expelled from the Hero Party he might have some shounen plot and get his own Hero Party and harem, etc. However the Hero, Sharyu(?), does not want to let him go and in fact regards him as a very important part of the Party, so now Itsuka is stuck in a harm party for the hero.

the one shot was better imo but I get why it ended up like that as a first chapter instead.


A one-shot on GANMA

A small village on the sea shore holds a faith towards the important Kikkouji-sama, the man who protected them from the previous god, Isaga-sama, who went mad from gluttony.
In that auspicious atmosphere a small boy meets an odd and mysterious young woman.

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these are ones I previously documented in a discord server, will later look in my pixiv and ganma accounts to see what I missed (I know for a fact that I’ve read more then this there lol)
might even share short doujin and stuff like that, there’s a huge amount of that kind of content on pixiv

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5 short stories.
A guy who doesn’t have an interest in girls outside anime and light novels gets courted by a light novel like junior who self proclaims to be his girlfriend.


A cute GL short about introduced already characters, need to look for initial post for them

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はむはむづくし -Want to read

恋愛漫画(仮)- Reading

I like this thread idea! I occasionally read comics posted on Twitter when I’m really bored, this was a fun one I came across the other day https://twitter.com/iryu1001/status/1741739172518670373

Urashima Tarou, but it turns into a ridiculous battle manga after the end of the mythological story. The retelling at the beginning has some funny bits too.


I completely forgot about twitter comics! Thank you for the reminder :pray:
Plus the comic you sent is cute :joy:


A short about a married couple


A guy that’s bad with girls gets together with a girl that looks like a bishounen

Edit; there should be apixiv page with more content from this
Hopefully will remember to update at a later date


A cool girl with piercing

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A short Detective Conan doujin


2 short Jojo doujins about Dio being a salaryman


A guy that finds out his dad is a cute vtuber girl he likes

Just found out a story I read in twitter was added to tonarinoyj (meaning it has enough potential for publication :sparkles:)
edit2: it has a publication now!

Edit: adding the twitter cause it has a bunch of funny bonus things and a whole bunch of funny dog pics and videos under the comics :rofl:

Didn’t read yet but want to