Week 1 | また、同じ夢を見ていた / 또다시 같은 꿈을 꾸었어 | Beginner's LN club

Here’s the section before the stopping line. Maybe that helps?

(Although I guess we are really close to week 2 anyway.)


You can do a search for the final line in Bookwalker btw. The Bookwalker numbering depends on your device size, font size, line spacing, etc. so it’s different for everyone.

For week 2, I think it ends with the chapter, at least. I’ll have the weekly thread later tonight


Thank you, I found it!

Ah, that explains why the page end was halfway down a page for me! Thanks!


Thanks for recommendations! This gives a clear idea for the reading path where to start.

I finished 2 manga in WK’s Beginner Book Club last year. また is my first Japanese novel. I will keep reading along with the book club!

I imported the dictionaries into my Kindle ,it does help a lot. Thanks!


I’m still reading week 1, although I’m technically not late as it’s still Sunday for me. I came across a really strange sentence.

그녀는 별 관심도 없다는 듯 다시 “냐아” 하고 울었습니다.

I’d never seen 별 관심 before, and obviously here 별 doesn’t mean star, but what does it mean instead? Is it another meaning of the word or a grammar point?

Now thankfully, I can still understand the sentence by ignoring the 별, but I’m curious.


I don’t know Korean whatsoever, but could it be related to this?


Oh, that makes sense actually. All those sylllables being omitted are just messing with me.


Finally done with week 1!

인생은 푸딩처럼 같은 것이라는 얘기네요.

Life is the same as pudding? :joy: I feel like that quote is a good representation of week 1, the main character just keeps saying really random things.

I was totally not expecting the cat, so at first I was very confused. I was starting to wonder if this was in a fantasy setting, because why else would a character have a tail, but no, it was just the cat.

Some of the sentences have been very hard to read through. Grammar is harder than I expected, but I feel like it got easier towards the end of the chapter. Or maybe that’s just because I’d already gotten through the whole weird in the head thing.

I might reread through that, to get a better understanding of it, but then again I already have so many other books to read and things to do. I’ll see, or I may just reread it in a couple months, hopefully by then I should be able to read it a lot more easily.

So far, I’m at 276 LingQs, which is a lot but that’s okay. (every LingQ only counts for one form of the word, so every grammar point or particle stuck to it will count for another LingQ if I mark it as an unknown word). I’m debating just dumping them all into Anki, because I feel like that would be totally unmannageable, but then can I even learn the words fast enought without using an SSR? :thinking:


For what it’s worth: I haven’t added new words to Anki in well over a year (maybe two?) despite being worried about whether I’ll learn anything by just reading. And well, I somehow still got better at Japanese.

Maybe not as “effectively” as with SRS, but I also didn’t need to do SRS, so that’s a win :stuck_out_tongue:


Done with Week 1!

Page 8: I was tricked by the cat as well! I totally imagined a girl a first but was so confused why she would only say ナー, despite seeing the 鳴く verb. Maybe this girl can get out of gym class with the 頭がおかしい excuse :joy: Way more used to にゃあ but I’m sure the author did it on purpose just to toy with us XD

So far, everyone seems pretty interesting! Nanoka is cheeky and amusing, Hitomi-sensei seems like a great teacher, and アバズレさん seems interesting too. I wonder what アバズレさん is implying about herself/her job when she says 立派な大人じゃない. Plus, I’m really curious about the nickname as well.


Idk if the story ever explicitly explains it, but it means something like slut/hussy afaict. More info here: Entry Details for あばずれ [abazure] - Tanoshii Japanese


Already on page 8 she asked the cat: 猫の世界でもそういうことがあるの? Well until there I actually thought she’d talk to a dog, though the image on the title page should have prepared me…edit: otoh this can not be the real cat of the book as it has a long tail.

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