Week 4 of 🤸 体育館の殺人 🔪 | Mystery Novel Book Club

That’s a good point. I guess I’d forgotten about the victim in this situation, oddly enough. :thinking: I’m thinking that once our detective really joins the fray, we should see more character development. He’s a fellow student, and based on that scene with the detectives will be taking the revolutionary tactics of talking to students other than the immediate witnesses. Should get some juicy school gossip while we’re at it.


This is Queensian logic, there’s always counterpoints/alternate possibilities, but once you get to that 80-90% confidence threshold you just ignore them and plow forward, otherwise you’ll either never be able to draw conclusions or end up with an unmanageably large web of possibilities. If you don’t like that (or want actually compelling characterization), you might be in the wrong genre :sweat_smile:

(That isn’t to say you need to completely ignore this flaw with the genre–you can google “the Late Queen Problem”–but if it’s going to frustrate you every time it rears its head, then I just feel like this type of book wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience and you’d be better served doing something else, for your own sake.)

And yeah, even though we’re a third into the book, this is still technically the police’s initial investigation. Once Urazome and Yuno start digging into things on their own I’m sure we’ll get into more juicy character/background bits.


Thanks for the tip; gonna check this out!

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