What books have you / would you reread

I reread books fairly often in English, but I haven’t really reread much in Japanese. I’ve reread a couple volumes of manga (basically as a recap before reading a new volume) and I suppose I technically reread かがみの孤城 | L28 since I read it once on my own and again during read aloud sessions with a WaniKani book club. But that’s it I think. I don’t think I’ll ever reread a long novel/LN series, though I’d consider rereading individual novels. And I would reread manga series, but only if the series was among my favorites.

What books (including manga) have you already reread or are likely to reread? I’ll post mine below.


Here’s what I might reread at some point.


  • かがみの孤城 | L28 - yes I would “reread” this again (even after having basically read it twice), but more likely by listening to the audiobook next time. I already bought the audiobook, and it’s really well made, so I think it’ll be worth experiencing that version at some point.
  • コンビニ人間 | L29 - this was one of the first books I read (three years ago at this point), and while I enjoyed it and think I followed the story relatively well, it would be interesting to re-experience it at a higher reading level.

Manga series:

  • 放浪息子 (series) | L27 - this was the first full manga series I read (15 volumes). Again, I think I followed the story relatively well given my level at the time, but I’m sure I missed a bunch and could enjoy it again.
  • やがて君になる (series) | L21 - I’d be more inclined to reread this if they released some kind of “masterpiece” edition (a la Aria the Masterpiece), though I might read it again at some point even without that. They’re doing some weird digital only color release, and while I doubt it would happen, if they released a full color printed version I’d buy it in a heartbeat.
  • ご注文はうさぎですか? (series) | L25 - this is my favorite manga series, and I will absolutely reread it from start to finish at some point. In this case they are releasing a masterpiece edition, which I’m purchasing as they come out. That said, I might just let them sit on my shelf until the entire series is done (my current guess is 2025-2026), and then reread the series via this edition.
  • ひとりぼっちの○○生活 (series) | L21 - this series is so cute and so easy that I’d love to reread it at some point. But since I did just read it last year I’ll wait a bit before seriously considering it.

I’ve kept 容疑者Xの献身 on my shelf purely to revisit it someday with vastly better comprehension. It was the third book I ever read in Japanese so while I got through it ok my grammar skills were a lot weaker and I was looking up words left and right.
I don’t have any desire to reread the first two books I read and I don’t think I kept them.

I’ve relistened to a couple audiobooks - かがみの孤城 being one of them, but I’ve probably relistened to most of my audiobooks excluding those I finished them very recently. It’s nice for low stress listening while on the bus or going for a walk.

I can see myself rereading 64 in the future - it was a challenging book and I look forward to the day I can read it fluidly.

For me, I just have so many books I want to read that it’d be hard to justify rereading right now.


There are a few manga series that I read up to the last published volume, dropped for a while, then restarted from volume 1 up to publication. The process may be repeated based on the series.

Not exactly the same, but I ended up rereading the first half of 放浪息子 since I spent too much time before reading the second half of the series and had forgotten everything. I’m probably going to reread the first 3 volumes of 7SEEDS whenever I finally get them from the library (1 year waiting line for the bundle of the first 10 volumes, weeee).

I also reread some volumes of manga series because they were free to read on Booklive.

In terms of light novels, I reread the first volume of 薬屋のひとりごと (series) | L37 when it got picked as a book club on WK.

Technically, every volume of 本好きの下剋上 (series) | L31 past 23 is a reread, since I read the web novel first. That being said, there are a few extra stories in there compared to the web novel (and some rewriting), so it’s not exactly the same thing.

Other than that, I’m not exactly planning to reread stuff. As @cat said, there are too many books and too little time.


I completely understand, and that’s pretty much the same for me. The series I listed are ones I would theoretically want to reread at some point, but since there’s so much else I want to read that I haven’t read before, I have no immediate plans to actually reread them.


I re-read 鹿の王 1 | L35 five years after I first tried it because I had noooo idea what was going on. Still one of the most difficult books I’ve ever read (I don’t know why it’s 35 on Natively :sweat_smile:) but I’m glad I read it again and understood it this time!

I’d like to re-read まおゆう魔王勇者 1 「この我のものとなれ、勇者よ」「断る!」 | L30?? which I read probably about a decade ago but I keep putting it off because I have so many other things I was to read first.

As others have said, too many books, too little time.


This was the second book I ever read, and I’d also like to reread it someday for the same reason. But like everyone else here my 積読 pile is keeping me from seriously considering it any time soon.

That said, I have reread individual manga volumes occasionally (one of my favorites is 伊藤潤二の猫日記 よん&むー | L31) and I’ve read the first part of Bookworm in LN, Manga, and Audiobook form, and also seen the anime


Tell me about it! I’ve been reading really inconsistently lately, so my 積読 pile has just been getting bigger every time a book is on sale. Excluding sequel volumes of series I’ve already started, I still own around 10 additional books!


i also accumulate new reading material at a much faster rate than i can read it, so i very rarely re-read anything.

that said, i have been considering re-reading やがて君になる 1 | L21. it was my first serious attempt to read any native material, when i was about level 13 on WK. and though i enjoyed it, i’m sure it’d read quite differently now, with a much larger vocabulary, vastly improved grammar, and just generally more practice.



I’m weird and love things like this but wow-ee-zow-ee, it has both Showa period-speak and a heavy Hiroshima accent. Even the native folks on Bookmeter say it’s kind of hard. I read all the way through it but it took a w h i l e. I’d like to try again though, at some point, when I’m not like a low N3-er.


I actually reread a LOT (both English books and Japanese - though my Japanese book pile at this point is mostly manga), even when I have piles of new stuff to read, because I find it really comforting (especially if I’ve been having a bad day) to pick up an old favorite and immerse myself in that story all over again. I also like rereading a book series or manga series when a new volume comes out to refresh my memory.

Not all books fit this category, but anything with a good story and happy ending is something I’d potentially reread.

I’ve reread most of the manga series I own (Skip Beat, Ace of Diamond, Yona, a couple different BL series). Still working on actually finishing my first Japanese book, but I’ve probably reread the first 10 pages a bunch of times :sweat_smile: (I kept getting frustrated and putting it on hold in favor of something else).


コンビニ人間 was one of those books where I know if and when I read it again I will have a new take away. Its short, but kind of great in the sense that everyone can take something away from it.


Yeah, let me not go ahead and add a zero to that. Or change the first number. Not at all.

Ooh, that’s actually also most of my re reads. I had a couple manga I’d re read, like wedding peach on particularly Bad Days, or eyeshield 21 just because I was having a bit of a Week. Those, Dragonball and Ranma are probably the series I’ve re read the most often. :slight_smile:

Books… I mostly re read when I made the switch to the original language version. Re reading the first or preceding volume(s) when a new part in a series came out is also a good reason. Or used to be, before I became serious about 積ん読. :upside_down_face: