"What should I read next?" Megathread

I quite enjoyed the first 2 volumes of this series

It’s for young children, but it’s cute. A little bear living in the woods, his dad has a restaurant and his best friends are a fox and a rabbit. And it’s about friendship and how to deal with fights but also how to deal with friends when they are sad, etc. (And they also talk about some delicious sounding foods.)
(Bookwalker and amazon both have a few pages to try.)


I have a ton of digital manga now from a sale, but they are all 4-koma. I like to mix up my 4-koma and non-4-koma reading, so this poll is to decide which non-4-koma manga to read next.

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Both recommendations were good, so, yes, thanks again. :joy:

Next up is:


Double light novels, interesting…
Edit: My local library has neither of those, interesting
Edit2: lucked on a good coupon on Booklive and サイレント・ウィッチ was 50% off (so, about 66% off in total), so I just bought them.

And only three more recs after that, so I’ll just grab them directly without roll.


Kind surprised you’re still going for it after the ending :astonished: Though I think you will like the first ~2/3

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I don’t remember the ending :sweat_smile: Was it boring? Well, I’ll find out, I guess.

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The tone changed suddenly and it went from fairly light hearted to unnecessarily gruesome. It wasn’t so bad as to turn me off the book, it was just an unexpected and unwelcome change. This is the one where I mentioned sudden cannibalism.

Also, more minor, but I hated how the androgynous female character was reverted to a girlish, stereotypically femme girl at the end. I really liked her characterization until they were like, “just kidding! we all know girls desperately desire to be femme”.

I feel like I didn’t click on that spoiler before :sweat_smile:
Anyway, I bought it, might as well give it a spin (and drop if need be).

That sounds rage-inducing to me too. However, compared to that light novel running on incel logic I read a couple of weeks ago, it can’t be that bad. I hope.


(Responding a billion years late whoops) well I did very much enjoy 山猫 so :eyes: And when has having too many things on my reading list ever stopped me :joy: But omg there’s even more books in that series than in 山猫, truly an endless rabbit-hole awaits

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I’m pretty sure I have the 2nd and 3rd volume in standby for whenever I need some mindless but good reading.

Thank you to @Biblio and @meagstudies for your recs. I finally got around to going to the local Japan Foundation library and got a card, but unfortunately they don’t have those books - so I will probably just get a copy off amazon (or anywhere I can turn them into an epub for easier lookup).

Will let ya’ll know how I go. I did pick up some graded readers from the library, so that’s nice.


Wait, never mind, the wait list for 香君 is 111 strong. There’s an estimated wait time of 10 months. It’s also a bit pricey to buy directly.
BUT! It’s going to be available on audible early March, so I’ll go with that instead.

I wonder how hard it will be to follow with audio only :sweat_smile:


Good luck with that! :laughing:


I try this every now and again, it’s pretty difficult to do. Maybe when I am commuting but I would rather be doing something.



  1. 名のないシシャ (角川文庫)
  2. 宇宙の声 星 新一ジュブナイル・セレクション
  3. 小説 君の名は。 (角川文庫)
  4. 【合本版 第一部】本好きの下剋上(全3巻) 本好きの下剋上(合本版) (TOブックスラノベ)
  5. ペンギン・ハイウェイ


「本好き」を見ると、「本好き」に一票。 :sweat_smile:


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[poll public=true] 
- yes
- no
- maybe

From memory, typing on mobile. Let’s see if it works…

  • yes
  • no
  • maybe

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oh I’m not allowed to make polls…that’s what I suspected.

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Probably a trust level thing. Iirc you either have to browse a bit more (read time) or something else. It’s an anti spam measure. No idea what trust level is needed for polls though.

Casting my vote for 名のない死者 though. I remember generally liking it.

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@cat is right. @loladae you just need to browse a few more topics to reach level 1 trust and be able to make polls. :slight_smile: