Yuri/GL/wlw book club - Reading: 雨でも晴れでも on the 7th of July

Oh interesting. I remember a friend mentioning that show… It looks quite over the top, in a good way :slight_smile:

I’ll have to check it out eventually

I’m closing up nominations! (it’s 8th of June over here lol)
I’m building up the voting poll and will decide on a last voting date

edit: for now I’ve put voting until the 16/06, if more time is needed let me know
regardless remember that there will be a time frame between the time voting is closed and the time we start reading


Second Cycle Voting :drum: :drum: :drum:

Happy voting :tada:


I love that thread title, hahaha.

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Since we’re already voting 2nd cycle and since I’m afraid I’ll forget about it if I do this afterwards I’m giving out a warning that for next cycles I’m thinking of putting a new nomination limit of 4 (meaning one less than the amount of votes you get)

The reason is me
Hi, I’m the problem

and because I noticed some people end up being hesitant whether to nominate if there are too many nominations (though like I previously said, even if we have above 20 for one poll it’s not such an issue that we can’t bypass), so I’m hoping putting a limit to the number of new nominations each person can make will help ease on that (even if just psychologically wise lol)

that number will be relevant only to new nominations, meaning if you’re re-nominating something old or you have nominations left from the previous cycle you still have 4 new nominations you can put out

since this is not only a direct disregard to something that was voted on here, but also a problem that I’m responsible for, please let me know if you have objections (whether here or by DM’s)

I’m also putting an anonymous poll but I’m not necessarily expecting people to vote in it, it’s a way for me to see if there are objections from people whom are uncomfortable with writing about it here/to me

  • I don’t mind either way
  • leave it as unlimited
  • changing to 4 new nominations sounds okay
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Edit; I’ve implemented the change for now!
If I see it creates too much confusion or trouble I’ll see about changing it back

But hopefully it can help a bit with what I’ve expressed


A reminder that voting ends in 2 days!
If you didn’t use all your votes or maybe didn’t vote at all this is the opportunity to vote for things to read or things to keep out of cooldown :wink:

if there aren’t any changes until the closing then the cooldown list will be:
リリー&アイビー ~ケンカップル百合×性愛アンソロジー~
転生王女と天才令嬢の魔法革命 1
殺伐百合アンソロジー: Edge of Lilies

edit: also someone write something please so I can remind everyone on the last day as well :rofl:
I’m 3 consecutive posts again :rofl: :rofl:


Here you go, a post!


The perils of running a book club!!


@brandon Do you have something for this overridden in the forum config? By default the topic creator shouldn’t be limited to three posts in a row.


I think it’s some kind of bug or something I did wrong when I created the topic?
because I noticed that in another topic I created it doesn’t happen

Did you possibly create this topic before you earned some forum privileges but the others are newer? :thinking:


Could be :thinking: there is a 5 month difference between the 2 (Yuri club being earlier)

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NOMINATION IS CLOSED AND WE HAVE A WINNER!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

I’ll be opening the thread with a schedule and later on paste it in this message
for now I’m thinking of starting on the 7th of July, let me know if you need more time to arrange for your copy to arrive or just want more time in general


The manga is 3 volumes long. Are we only going to read the first volume? Or will we be reading all 3?


I think it would make sense to read all 3. The end of vol 1 definitely makes you wanna go straight into vol 2. I know I wouldn’t really feel satisfied ending there (so even if the club doesn’t read everything, I’ll reread all 3 vols)


As a general we read the first volume of whatever we vote on

We can vote on the second volume after we’re done with the first to decide whether or not to continue together


Since we’re at the point of 2nd cycle reading I’m opening the denominations availability list!!
This is a list of nominations you can re-add from the next cycle onwards☺️

A reminder that all you need to do is just quote or link the original nomination post with a short message that you’re renominating it! (Please do add a message so I know it’s not some kind of referencing for a discussion or something like that, I don’t want to start doing investigative work on every nomination quote :joy:)

List of Nominations you can re-add:


Important notice so I’m making a new comment for it!

I’ve added all the people whom made nominations as collaborators to the Yuri club list ! If I’ve missed someone please do tell me!!!

The point is that people can add notes and details to the nominations they’ve made freely if they want, and to make the club activity a bit more of a shared experience :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hence if you’re making a nomination after you’ve never made one please tell me so I can add you too (regardless I will be going through users every once in a while to check if I’ve missed people, so even if you didn’t tell me you’ll be added no worries!)

If you want to add a new nomination to the list yourself, please do so after you’ve made the formal nomination! :blush:

Side note;
I’ve reached 3 posts again :smiling_face_with_tear:
Since for now the important messages were sent I’ll try looking around settings on my end, maybe I can do something about this
Either way seanblue did me a huge favor and already tagged Brandon so hopefully he’ll have a fix for this soon :grin:


If it’s about privileges, you could start the thread anew under another thread name and then have your current privileges.

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