Add 'Our Grading System' link in footer

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So I don’t know if this is a bug or intentional, but the “About” dropdown is now missing if you’re signed in. I assumed this happened when the My Videos link was added.

Not in the dropdown either:

And it’s not in the header when the window is when the window is resized to be narrower (which I didn’t realize until now is slightly different?)

But if you’re not signed in, it still shows up:

The main problem with this is that as far as I can tell, users can’t access the “Our Grading System” page without typing in the url. All the other pages are still accessible from somewhere within the site. Not sure if this is intentional since it could be you’re revamping / removing this page? You did say something about adding an FAQ at some point after all.

Anyway, if this is a bug, then this post is a bug report, and if it was intentional, then this is a product request for the grading system information to be readded to the site in some way.

Trello link:

You’re right that it’s gone by choice. It is down in the footer and I still don’t think it should be in the header navigation - it’s not that important for signed in users and there are already a ton of things up there.

I agree that the ‘Our grading system’ page is now a little hidden which I hadn’t considered. Granted all the more information popups on the gradings & grading filters do still link to the ‘Our Grading System’, I agree that it should probably be in the footer.

Happy to hear other thoughts, but I think adding the ‘Our Grading System’ link to the footer is really all we need!


Yeah having it in the footer sounds good! And I didn’t realize there were links to it in the more information section, good to know

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@Megumin let’s add this to trello as a ‘small’ ticket and as ‘to do’. We’re only going to add the ‘Our Grading System’ link in the footer.