Add Prize-winning marker automatically to new books

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Existing prize-winning books have a little marker that describes which prize they won. I added a new book but the marker did not show up for it (not even after some time passed in which any nightly batch jobs could have been run).

The book in question is:

and it won the 53. Akutagawa prize in 1965.

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I think those are added manually :thinking:
Except if it appears in the Amazon data that can be pulled for the book, I don’t think it can be automated at all.

Edit: just checked the page on Amazon and I don’t think it’s available anywhere else than in the book blurb, which cannot be reliably parsed automatically.


I was thinking of automatically comparing the book title (+ author) against the lists of prize winners, which would catch most (if not all) cases, don’t you think?


That makes sense :thinking: I guess Wikipedia has a somewhat easy to parse list. A bit hard to generalize to other prizes (since all have slightly different formats) though, but I guess that’s up to @brandon to decide.

It would be nice if there was a source providing that info in a csv format or something like that. I kinda remember seeing one source like that for the Akutagawa prize.


As do the WK and Natively forums :sunglasses:

Indeed! OTOH once the initial data has been parsed, there is not much change actually, only a small handful of books per year, and it might be less time-consuming to just add them manually instead of working with a csv feed that might even break at some point…


Thank you for your service, by the way :saluting_face:
I don’t think it’s ethically good to take advantage of the unpaid labor of a single user, though.

True, although a quick google search gave me this: 芥川賞 過去の受賞作品一覧:オンライン書店Honya Club com
Very convenient formatting. The page also has the Naoki prize winners, which is an added bonus.


So this isn’t a bug as it’s all been manually marked up until this point.

While it’s a nice idea to automatically add them, tbf there just aren’t that many… and in general matching titles can be a bit of a nightmare. I think simply using the ‘Something not right?’ button and sending manual reports would be the way to go for now.


In my very technical mind it became a bug the moment you added the automatic addition of books :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But let’s not split hairs over this. In my perfectionist mind I’m a bit sad because this will inevitably lead to books not being marked properly, thus the Natively data will become unreliable. But other than that, I’m fine with requesting this manually.


The adding books automatically relies in the Amazon API.

If Amazon provided that information in the API it would be easy is my guess, but that’s not the case, and it would require to do another request to a different database/service, and it might not be 100% accurate.

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