Add time input to the Basic Info Menu

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The process of adding a book that you finished in one read session is a bit confusing.
I don’t know if there is a better way of doing it, but the one I found consists in first to search the book, then add the books to my “reading” list, go back to the home page, and then edit the book to add the read session time and set it as “finished”. This gets slower if you want to add multiple finished books.

I think it would be more convenient and intuitive to also have an option in the “basic info” menu (the one that pops up with the “additional options” button on the page of any book) where you can set a book as “finished” and also define how much time you spent on the book.

Trello link:

I agree that’d be better. It is a bit complicated though as then we do have two potential sources of the ‘timed’ tracking that could conflict… one on the sessions and one on the Movie / Book. Again, we could surface a conflict indicator in the Data Manager, but just more complication :sweat_smile:

I’ll approve this request though, but let’s put it in speculative @Megumin