Adding activity for a book does not mark the corresponding day as 'read'

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I’d be neat if adding activity for a book on given dates (e.g. July 26-30, like in the screenshot) would mark the corresponding days as ‘days read’ automatically. The fact it all needs to be done manually means it’s easy to forget the odd day here and there. I’d have to go through my activity by hand periodically to see if it all matches up.

[From Brandon]
This behavior would be off by default, but could be toggled on in your user settings.

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That’s on purpose, since people do not necessarily log their activity the day it happened.
At this point, though, I think it should be a toggle in the settings, @brandon, OR the decision should be made more explicit somewhere, otherwise people will keep asking for it :sweat_smile:


But when I log the activity, I log it for a particular date, right? So if I tell the website ‘I read page 3-11 on July 26th’, isn’t that the same as telling it ‘I read on July 26th’? What’s stopping it from marking July 26th as a ‘read’ day at that point?

I’m not asking for the day on which I entered the activity to be marked as read, but the day for which I entered the activity.

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The point I think is that some people don’t log the date correctly, they just fill the information and that’s about it.

Still, like @Naphthalene, I think it should be a setting to let you choose if you want that behaviour or not.


Ahh, I get it now. Yeah, in that case a setting might be better. Some people care about the dates and everything being just so, other people might care less. Would be nice to cater to both :grin:


Yep, all agreed on the toggle. I will update the request to specify a toggle.