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Since the number of languages on Natively is growing, it would be nice to have a page which displays the cumulative stats for all the languages on Natively. Some ideas of what could be included:

  • We have ___ books in our database (with a number ticker)
  • Our users have read a total of ___ books (and other stats found on user stats page)
  • Total number of reviews/ratings/gradings
  • Charts showing books read/shows watched in each language
  • Number of users learning each language
  • ___ users are learning one language, ___ are learning two, etc
  • Newest books, most popular books, etc in each language
  • A true ‘global feed’, including all languages
  • Today’s stats

Trello link:

TBH, I’m not sure where this page should live. Should it simply be the home page? Or should the home page be more about recommending content to you and describing the site, rather than showing activity?

I’m not really sure. Maybe it should just be a section on the home page?

A separate page seems like it wouldn’t get much use… but I agree having a place where you can see those things would be cool.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


I have a few ideas

  1. maybe it could go on the home page before you sign in. Like where this is now or underneath it:

    The problem with that though is that you have to sign out / go into incognito mode to view this page, so if any of us existing users are interested in these stats it’s kinda inconvenient. But if the purpose is for marketing then I think this would be a good spot

  2. Add a section for this on the About Us page (or on the FAQ page?)

  3. At the bottom of the home page below activity and recent forum topics


I wonder if having another option on the user’s Stats page might also work, in the circled? It could be “Site Stats” or somesuch, perhaps?

Or you could potentially put a toggle beside the language selection dropdown in that same screenshot.