Allow more flexible filtering of activity feed

Description of your request or bug report:

  • Right now there are filtering options for All, Reviews, Status Updates, Reading Updates, and Gradings. However, right now these are only single-select. For situations where users care about more than one type of activity but not all types of activity, allowing multi-select would be a huge improvement.
  • The ability to choose which status updates to include would be a nice to have, but not as important as the first bullet. For example, some people may want to see when someone finishes a book, but not when they mark it as Owned.
  • Remember the previous filter selection by the user. Right now it remembers if you have selected Me, Following, or Global, but the filter isn’t remembered.

Trello link:

I think the default view I would like to have is to displays:

  • new books and reviews
  • Status updates from me and people I follow
  • My own reading updates

That would require a “new book added” event, the ability to filter by “me, following, all” and the ability to change the default filter (I think that would be bullet point 3 in the OP).

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You can already filter by “me, following, all”, unless you meant something different from this:

I like the idea of having non-user information show up in the activity feed though, especially new books added to the site as you mentioned.


There’s a lot we could do around activity filtering agreed. I could imagine a ‘custom’ feed which is a saved filter setting of your own preference. That could solve some of your wants I think.

I like this idea too… but we do add over 20 unique book series a day, so it is a bit of noise. You can view it in the gallery although I can see how it’d be convenient in the feed.

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Wow, that’s a lot more than I expected! Even if you only show the first volume for each series, that would be quite a lot in the activity feed.

Maybe this should be a separate request then, to avoid it muddying the conversation around filtering.


Yes, in order to keep it contained, @bbo we will simply do @seanblue request for this one.

If you’d like to propose your own filter options, let’s open a new request :upside_down_face: