Allow private comments for books

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I often ask people for book recommendations, or I find book recommendations somewhere, and I would like to keep track of who recommended what, and why, or any other reason why I am interested in a given book. So a small (private) comment field would be of enormous help for me.

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I presume you’d want to be able to add the private comment without actually adding the book to your library?


@eefara is asking this because you do have private notes for every book in your library :slight_smile:


:exploding_head: Really? OMG that’s great! How does it work?

Not necessarily, no, but I was wondering what happens to the comment if I remove the book from the library? So having that feature just for the library books felt somewhat strange.
But from the discussion here I take it that the restriction is only on the editing part? :thinking:


Ah, no. If you remove the book the note goes away.

I honestly hadn’t thought of that use case and mostly was just copying other sites (I think it also goes away).

Is that a large use case? I would imagine if you decide to delete then you decided that you don’t care about the book anymore… :thinking:

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OK found it! But I would have never found it if I had not looked for it specifically tbh… I would have expected something on the book’s page or so.

Ah, I see.

Ah, yes, most probably you are right. It was just my perfectionist brain that kicked in and tried to find all the cracks in the process and stuff :crazy_face:


Excellent! For anyone else who’s browsing by and need helps finding it:

All you need to do is get to the Basic Info tab of the book info editor; there’s a bunch of different ways, so I’ll just leave a screenshot of what you’re looking for:

That “Private Notes” section is what you need.

And once you add notes to a book you’ll see a little “info” icon on the cover:

Which when you hover over it shows the note:

They’ll also show on the book’s summary page:


May I ask what all these notes are @eefara ? You like your notes :laughing:

Oh, are these rereads??


These are notes for the short stories I read in-between books! The F&B author has a ton of short stories she’s written for the world, and I’ve been reading them in publication order as I go along with the main series. These start/end dates are easy-reference notes for eventual blank book functionality. :wink: (I have page counts in a different document.)


That’s where I was looking for them! What about if we had a little button there “Add private note” or something? (It could then open the normal “basic info” tab, no special editor needed I’d say)

Oh ok? I looked for something like this in a few places but the only one I could find is the little cogwheel in my reading list. :thinking: Maybe this feature need a bit more prominence?


It’s a bit discreet, but whenever you open up a book’s info page to edit it, you have access to that tab. Going from the dashboard, for example:

The default opening tab (so either Basic Info/Progress Update/Data Manager) changes depending on how/where you open the modal, but you can always switch to a different tab.


Sounds like the perfect opportunity for an “I removed this for a good reason” sorta note :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably not a large use case tho


@nikoru is this safe to close since Private Notes already exist?


Ah, sorry! Yes, it is unnecessary. Thanks for cleaning it up!