Allow progress update for manual toggled seasons

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I’m in the middle of watching a 167 episode season, and have decided to skip various filler episodes. The downside to this is that I now have to scroll through all the episodes, and manually toggle every new episode I watch. In addition to being cumbersome, it unnecessarily clutters the Feed, as instead of “user watched eps 64-67”, there will be 4 separate updates.

What I’d suggest is allowing for a progress update to increment from the latest (highest number) episode. from whatever the latest episode is. For example, if I’ve skipped eps 23 & 25, and I just finished ep 63, the Progress Update function would just add the new eps starting from 64. If I later skipped episode 76, then manual toggle 77, it would increment starting at 78.

Trello link:

An alternate possibility that would make things easier is if there were a “hide completed episodes” button, so I wouldn’t have to scroll through 66+ episodes. Maybe that would be more practical to implement?

(It doesn’t address the feed clutter issue tho)