Allow searching your library with filter to specific levels

There isn’t currently any way to say "show only my books between levels X and Y”. (Use case: somebody asked for recommendations at about a certain level so I wanted to see what I’d read that matched that.)

This could be implemented by either:

  • adding the “filter by level” controls from the main search dialog to the “search in my books” dialog
  • adding a checkbox to the main search dialog for “exclude books that aren’t in my library” (to go with the existing “exclude books that are in my library” checkbox)

Not very urgent since unless your library is massive the sort-by-level option and eyeballing the results achieves a similar effect.

Trello link:

I think when tags are implemented, there could be these sort of meta-tags for searches and filters. like order:level or level:30-40 or list:nameofyourlist, etc.


Approved! Yeah, I haven’t felt the urge because of the sorting, but the linking use case is very true.

I think there’s a big benefit to keeping these filters separate similar to the search page. If you’re simply saying in the url params they could all be bucketed into one param, that potentially true, but it may cause more confusion for me than it saves.