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This is a weird one and I don’t really have a good implementation idea that’s not clunky, but similar to how there are some furigana editions of books, there are ‘modernized’ editions of old Japanese text which update the kanji, and - depending on how old - sometimes even the kana usage and grammar. This will impact how hard it is for learners to read, and thus their grading.

I was reminded of it talking yesterday about how my copy of 黄金仮面 | L38 has updated text (I know because I have the audiobook which is based on the original and there’s noticeable differences) and I saw a review just now of こころ which commented on the modern edition not being as difficult as the current rating.

The tricky thing is that people might not realize they’re reading a modernized version and simply think the given rating is too high.

As a quick example for those not familiar, these are the types of changes I mean:
此処 → ここ
迄 → まで
之 → これ
相違ない → 違いない (different word entirely)
といふ → という
ゑ → え

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I’m assuming they have different ISBNs?

As they’re old texts it’s possible they have several, some of which would be modernized and some which are not.

And indeed sufficiently old copies will pre-date ISBNs entirely :slight_smile:


Right, that makes sense. In general, when we do decide to handle editions better, these tags (furigana, modernized text) seems like it’d make sense to do.

Yeah handling non-ISBN books is a bit spicy haha. Possible though.


@Megumin let’s move this into Trello as speculative, with a note for ‘tags functionality’ on editions. Approved.