Any book recommendations for dragons?

Does anyone have any recommendations for novels (preferred) or manga with dragons or anthromophic dragons in them?

Preferably main or sidekick characters if possible and preferably SFW. Happy for short stories or anything N4 level or higher, but not books geared towards young kids, though older kids/ young teen upwards is fine.


Alas, despite my deep love for dragons I have almost no suggestions.

  • 竜と猫 is a chill manga about a dragon raised by cats.
  • ドラゴン、家を買う is a comedy manga about a dragon trying to buy a house.
  • 竜が読んだ娘 is a children’s series about, as you might have guessed, a girl who can call dragons.
  • Several of the Magic Tree House books have dragons, like this one, this one, and this one, but these books are probably too young for you (I did like the middle one, though).

There’s plenty of fantasy series out there that have dragons in them, like ロードス島戦記 and スレイヤーズ, but the dragons are usually the antagonists, not the main characters.

Hopefully someone else will have better suggestions.


Awesome, that first one looks like it would be perfect and I’m definitely checking the others out too. The one about a dragon trying to buy a house sounds like a fun read :joy:

I had looked at some of the magic tree house books but couldn’t find anything much about them. There’s a book series in english called the Faraway Tree so wasn’t sure if it was like that. Might see if I get those three just for an easy read though, thanks for suggesting them. :blush:

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I don’t know if almost full-on human transformation is too anthropomorphic for you, but there’s 小林さんちのメイドラゴン (1) | L27. I never read the manga, but the anime is one of my absolute favourites, so I imagine the manga would be quite good too. (Here’s a review for the anime that I think captures the spirit of the story pretty well.)

Most of the time the dragons hang out in human form with dragon-ish features, but they’re still very much non-human, evident both in their abilities and in their struggling with the understanding of human culture and nature. We also get times when they are in dragon form, and the occasional flashback to their life before they came to the human world.

edit: The manga version might not be without its problems though - just found this review while I was checking out how the manga compares to the anime.


Thanks, both for the info about the anime and the link to the honest review on the manga. I’ll maybe see if I can see some of the anime first and gauge how intense that is before deciding on the manga.

Lewd and NSFW stuff kinda puts me off atm, not that I’m adverse to it, just that it makes it difficult for me to read a manga while I’m at work, which I often do on breaks and lunch or when we’ve been given free time back.


I should add that I’m generally averse to ecchi stuff and I thought the ecchi stuff was excessive and uncomfortable in the anime. So if the manga has even more, checking out the anime first seems like a good strategy.