Any recommended drama CDs on Audible/

So I just found out recently that Audible and both carry drama CDs. It’s a type of media I’ve been interested in looking more into, so I was wondering if anyone knew any good ones to recommend. Lower-level stuff is preferred, but I’m all ears for higher-level stuff as well; it’ll just take me a while. ^_^;

On that same note, does anyone know of any other sites that sell digital drama CDs?


Digital music stores sometimes carry them, but you might have to fight with DRM and region locks.

As for the level, I’d say most of the time are on par of the anime they are based off, just you don’t have the image cue as added difficulty.


following this, I’d be interested in recommendations as well if anyone has any.

I’ve only listened to one (1) Drama CD so far but might as well throw it out there:

華Doll. It’s not on audiobook sites but on various music streaming ones (Spotify, Amazon Music, etc) & still ongoing.

It’s about a group of guys who start working for a kind of shady production company in an effort to become the perfect idol group. I’d say it’s mostly character driven drama, with some occasional mild suspense elements mixed in. Kind of reminds me of sports anime in some ways - not because it’s about sports (it’s not), just based on the tropes & vibes I guess? All male cast, found family/team building, working on getting better to reach a goal, etc etc.
You probably have to enjoy that kind of stuff to like this :laughing:
I thought it was pretty fun.

Language wise I think it’s on the easier side for the most part (probably part of why I like it :see_no_evil:), though there are some difficulty spikes as well.

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Oooh, that sounds really interesting! Thank you! Will definitely check it out. I’m lacking real motivation to work on my listening, so if I can just find something to hook me then I’m all set.

And dang, Spotify has drama CDs? I feel like some old person who’s just finding out smartphones exist or something.

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If you mean manga or anime drama CDs, those can often be found on YouTube, in case you can’t find them for purchase. Someone people will link them up with the manga pages (tho usually the translated versions)

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I’m okay with anything, but I’m most interested in original drama CDs (so either not based on anything and/or are the original that spawned any later media spinoffs). So something I can only experience from that medium, I suppose.

But like I said, I’ll look into basically any recommendation; I want to get a good feel of the field.

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Are drama CDs the same thing as audio dramas? If it’s ok that they’re not in CD form, searching オーディオドラマ on Spotify and Apple Podcasts gave me several results.

I’m not sure if this is quite what you’re looking for, but I used to listen to 「Sound Library ~世界にひとつだけの本~」for listening practice. The main character is a travel agent who narrates stories from her day-to-day life. She speaks fairly slowly and clearly, and each episode is only around 15 minutes, so it might be good for some easier listening. I find the stories very calming, but do note that there is some background piano music which can make it feel a little too relaxing sometimes :joy: It’s available on Apple Podcasts but a quick Google search showed some other Japanese sites that may have more recent episodes!

ETA: I meant to also write that each episode of Sound Library is pretty much standalone, so there isn’t a greater overarching plot if that’s something you’re looking for.


So I’ve heard of audio dramas, but I don’t really know what they are. :thinking: I’ll check out Sound Library, though! Thank you!

I guess it’s pretty much like a radio drama, but not necessarily made specifically for radio? I’m not super familiar with the genre myself, but the term makes me think of a story created with only auditory components (dialogue, music, sound effects), usually broken down into episodes.

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I have only listened to a couple of BL drama CDs in the past. (don’t ask me names, because I forget :see_no_evil:) but that was… uhm… interesting. I highly recommend to listen with earphones if you ever go down that rabbit hole. The sound effects are… uhm… something… :flushed:


I feel embarrassed listening to things without headphones regardless of genre. (If you remember those names you should let me know. :face_with_peeking_eye:)

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve discovered the joy of reading…spicier things in Japanese out in public and not having to worry about anyone glancing at the page I’m reading. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s all on my Kindle, so no worries about cover art either. :3


I don’t remember which exactly, but it was stuff from audible from publisher フロンティアワークス (I think :see_no_evil:)

Speaking of steamy: I also remember listening to this a while back and not hating it, but I think it’s a normal audiobook not a drama CD: 秘密のオフィスラブ