Anyone know if/where Netflix JP announces new anime?

Does anyone know if there’s a website to see when Netflix gets the rights to a new anime? There are a couple shows airing fall season that I might watch and it would be helpful to know if they’ll be on Netflix.


There’s this website but it’s a bit of a hit or miss, and very region dependant.

If anyone else knows a better one it would be nice to know.


Not surprisingly since the site is in English, a “coming soon” article says it’s primarily for US Netflix. Thanks though.

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There’s a small UK section as well, but yeah region locking sucks in general.

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I just asked Google and got a bunch of results. (The trick is to just google in Japanese)
This one seems to focus on anime, but there are more similar websites:


Thanks! Unsurprisingly it doesn’t list the anime I want to watch most, 星屑テレパス. I read the first two volumes of the manga and wanted to watch the anime as a catch up before continuing the manga.

I did see 薬屋のひとりごと, but based on the first volume of the LN I highly doubt I’m capable of watching that without English subs.

Oh! There’s PLUTO as well! I absolutely loved the manga.

Really? I think that the experience from the book should give you enough background :thinking:

I would expect it to adapt well beyond the first volume so I’m not sure that background will help much. Besides, I want to understand what’s happening. Not just sorta follow since I read the LN. For example, I recently watched Vivi with Japanese subs and was annoyed at how little I understood despite having already watched it twice with English subs. I obviously knew the story already and followed along fine, but it was still frustrating.

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